"Spring Cleaning" doesn't just apply to your living space; it's something you can do in every aspect of your life. Every season I like to rotate some of my skincare products so that I can make sure they are working their hardest and that I have the best possible products in my routine for the weather and current skin needs. My favorite skincare brand, La Prairie, recently launched two new products that have made their way into my routine...and will definitely be sticking around. 

Creams have become a must-have in my routine, whereas I used to rely more heavily on serums and oils for hydration. While I still use both, I have realized rich, but fast absorbing creams work best for me in the morning; especially when they have major skin-altering benefits as well. The La Prairie White Caviar Crème Extraordinaire has quickly filled the role; it's a rich, decadent cream that helps skin become more luminous and even thanks to a new science developed by La Prairie's researchers. In just a few weeks of use my skin looks noticeably brighter and my pores are refined and it has an overall resurfaced feeling, yet is moisturized and plumped at the same time. I'm telling you, this cream is worth the investment, and just a small pump goes a long way.
The second product I've fallen for is the brand new La Prairie Skin Caviar Essence in Foundation, which is a merge of skincare and makeup that creates a flawless, skin-like finish without sacrificing the texture of the skin. As I get older, I get more wary of the foundations that I use and how they wear throughout the day, and this one provides a veil of color that feels comforting on the skin the same way the brand's skincare does. I swear this feels to me as though I could wear it to sleep and it would still feel great come morning. The finish is satin-like, yet feels super hydrating on the skin. This, coupled with the new cream has certainly done wonders in preparing my skin for the warmer weather.
How do you change up your routine for the spring season?
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Spring has always provided an opportune moment to rearrange regular routines for a clean and fresh start. Whether you spruce up your interiors with a few new key pieces, revamping your dress wardrobe, or adding some lighter floral-centered fragrances to your vanity; changing up your typical routine is the perfect way to start the new season with a clean slate.

For me, the latter has always been something I sincerely look forward to at the end of the winter season. I stereotypically use headier, warmer scents with notes of tobacco, vanilla and musk in the colder months and make the swap to brighter and more wearable fragrances come spring. I've rounded up some of my current favorites for you to explore, below.
Jo Malone London Green Wheat & Meadowsweet Cologne - This is a fresh and lively fragrance with crisp notes of green wheat and white notes of meadowsweet. I love the initial freshness of this perfume, and that once it settles, it becomes powdery and soft. This is a great choice for those who really like a clean, crisp floral scent that lays closer to the skin.

Jo Malone London Oat & Cornflower Cologne - This scent is the absolute dream for spring. It offers a creamy sandalwood note that's brightened by blue cornflowers and and grounded with a base of green vetiver. I absolutely love how unique it is; I've really never smelled anything quite like it. If only this weren't limited edition I think it would become my signature, year-round scent.

Jo Malone London Honey & Crocus Cologne - A warm honey note and bright crocus come together with a hint of herbal lavender in this springtime release from Jo Malone. I love how the brand was able to create something so fresh, yet comforting at the same time; the note of honey seems almost as if it had sat in the spring sun all day. Trust me, you need to smell this for yourself.

Diptyque L'Ombre Dans L'eau - This is one of those fragrances I had never given a second glance, because I had heard it was reminiscent of the brand's cult-favorite candle, Baies. I never could imagine that as a perfume, because I pictured it to be overpowering; but I was so wrong. This scent is the original blend of fruity, green, and floral notes, and it does this combination in the best way. It's crisp with green leaves, juicy with berries, and feminine with rose all at the same time. I love that I can smell it close to the skin all day long.

Creed Fleurs de Gardenia - This delicate, graceful floral is the springtime ideal, complete with gardenia, roses, lavender, peonies, and pinkberries. I love that this stays true to the feminine, and seasonally appropriate floral bouquet, yet maintains a softer side that doesn't demand too much attention. 

Jo Loves Red Truffle 21 - Perfect for throwing in my handbag when on-the-go, this fig-centric scent is right up my street. It strikes the perfect balance between warming and fresh thanks to the addition of spicy pine notes, earthy truffle notes, and fresh hints of citrus. I love that it's unexpected, and still manages to bring that sexy factor a fragrance that's wearable throughout the warmer months.

Kilian Good Girl Gone Bad - This is a recent discovery for me, and I have quickly fallen for this floral that boasts both warm fruits and heady florals. With notes of apricot, osmanthus, orange blossom, rose, tuberose, and jasmine, this scent is meant to portray an uninhibited woman who finds herself in the garden of good and evil. It's perfect for spring nights out.
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You may have noticed that I've been increasingly absent around here over the past months year. I read so many blog posts explaining how bloggers will be better with writing more often and keeping up with their blogs like they used to, but the truth is it's getting harder with the increasing pressure to have the best content. 

But, if I'm being honest, the content that I often like reading the most isn't the kind that's overly perfect and edited to the point that there is nothing real about it. I have always been hard on myself in this space, knowing that I have less resources and time to devote to maintaining my space than professional bloggers do. I think I allowed that to be my excuse for getting lazy about sharing my thoughts, my content, and my life on this site that I worked so hard at for so long. 

I'll be real; I don't have a professional photographer following me around (obvs) and I work a full time job that I pour most of my energy into. I also have found myself with an urge to share content other than just beauty; my tastes have changed over the years, and I find myself exploring other creative outlets. Of course, I can never avoid my passion for testing new products, and my love of skincare is always increasing, so that will always be the main topic of discussion here. But, I feel that in order to keep myself inspired to write, I have to start sharing some other topics that I feel passionate about; perhaps more lifestyle, travel tips, interiors (did I tell you I bought my first home?!) and maybe even recipes. 

So, there you have it. I hope to see more of you around here as my content develops into new realms, and becomes more real, open, and honest! As always, let me know if there are any topics you'd like to see me cover as well; your opinions mean a lot to me.

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By now you guys know my favorite places to shop for beauty products; let's just say that Nordstrom certainly tops the list. I love how they curate their product offerings, and group new launches into trend categories, making it easy to shop for new must-haves based on the season's hottest looks. 

That's exactly why I had to share the Nordstrom Beauty Trend Event with you all. Every New York Fashion Week, Nordstrom assesses the upcoming season's most popular beauty trends backstage so that they can share the knowledge with Nordstrom shoppers. 

This Spring 2018, they've identified trends such as Luminous Skin and Hi-Definition Lips; two of my favorite ways to create a clean, sophisticated, yet bold beauty look. So, during the Beauty Trend Event, guests can learn how to achieve these gorgeous seasonal runway-inspired looks and get free samples and exclusive gifts with purchase (while supplies last). Guests will also have access to one-on-one time with Nordstrom beauty experts, and learn the tips, tricks and intel necessary to achieve these looks themselves! 

The best part is the event is free and customers can simply RSVP online, or ask for special accommodations by calling or stopping by their favorite beauty counters at Nordstrom. 

To read more about Spring 2018's trends, click here. Or, to learn more about the Nordstrom Beauty Trend Events, click here.

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You might say it's been awhile; and it has! I'm committed to getting back in the swing of things here on Necessary Nothings, as it's been a crazy 6 months or so. I started a new job last year and have been quite busy with that; not to mention travel, general life...oh, and I bought my first home! I will be moving in the first week of June, so right now I'm completely consumed by the interiors world. Pottery Barn, West Elm, Crate and Barrel, Anthropologie - you name it, I'm browsing the sites all day

But, I'm back with a base recommendation that's too good not to share. You know one of my all time favorite beauty brands is Giorgio Armani. They are a brand that you know is just always going to knock it out the park, especially when it comes to eyes, lips, and base. Meet their newest base release and my latest obsession...Armani Face Fabric Second Skin Makeup. This stuff is a dream to apply, especially for lazy girls who like a bit of coverage and also want that smooth-skin look. Don't get me wrong, I'm all for glow, but I have combination skin...so I like to control the glow. 
This foundation has a beautiful, almost whipped texture and a light coverage that evens out my skin, blurs my pores and imperfections, and prevents shine from taking over. I would say staying power isn't the highest of all their foundation range; but I'm happy with this one for an everyday, natural look. I can always reach for my Luminous Silk when I need my makeup to stay life-proof. 

Have you guys tried the new Giorgio Armani Face Fabric Foundation?

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Jo Malone London has always been one of my favorite (ok, maybe my all time favorite) fragrance brands. Not only do I love how fresh their scents are; I also love that they are made to be combined for a bespoke result. The simplicity of the scents allow them to not be overpowering even when mixed together, which means they are amazing for layering. I have so much fun crafting my own combinations, and am constantly changing them to suit the season and my mood. 

When Jo Malone London recently launched their Fragrance Combining Trios, I was thrilled. I love the fact that these sets do the dirty work for you, yet still produce the same inimitable result. My favorite, the English Pear & Freesia Fragrance Combining Trio offers a 1 oz. bottle of English Pear & Freesia, along with a 0.3 oz. bottle of Earl Grey & Cucumber, and a 0.3 oz bottle of English Oak & Redcurrant Cologne.
The set is very playful, yet when the scents are paired together, they remind me of a cozy Autumn day. The soft florals, the crisp freshness of cucumber and the warm oak trees all bring back fond memories of my favorite season. 

For daytime, I like to spritz the English Pear & Freesia on my wrists and the Earl Gray & Cucumber on my neck, for a fresh, clean floral scent that's comforting, yet invigorating. For evening, I love adding the English Oak & Redcurrant Cologne for an added depth and hint of warmth. The result is cozy and has a masculine edge that makes the floral tougher, and more unique.

I love that there are so many combinations just within this set. I can't wait to see what Jo Malone London dreams up next. 
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I'm no stranger to the wonders of French beauty products; if you're a regular here, you'll no doubt see them popping up in posts more often than not. But, admittedly, while I love a luxurious French product, I love scouring the pharmacies when I visit France even more. The pharmacies are truly treasure troves when it comes to hair volumizing and refreshing products, pore clearing masks, eye-depuffing creams and gentle acne solutions. I'm telling you - the French have a pharmacy solution to every beauty woe you could ever imagine...and they are all chic! 

A month ago, when I was in Paris, I took a few trips to these beauty meccas to see what I could find. Below are some of my new French pharmacy discoveries, mixed in with old favorites.
  • La Roche Posay Serozinc - A miracle-working toner that contains zinc sulfates. This fine mist soothes redness and irritation, balances oiliness, and keeps skin clear. P.S. This used to be extremely hard to find...but you can now find it stateside!
  • Darphin Intral Redness Relief Soothing Serum - If you suffer from redness when you have dry skin, this thin fluid serum will solve all your problems and soothe skin.
  • Avene Soothing Moisture Mask - One of my all-time favorite masks; it plumps up the skin and seems to fill in fine lines. In all honesty, it just feels good to use. I'd compare it to a glass of water for the face.
  • Vichy Mineral 89 - I've been totally addicted to this hyaluronic acid serum lately. It provides supreme hydration, but is light, dries matte and never clogs pores.
  • Leonor Greyl Protecting and Nourishing Serum - This all-natural hair product is one of those multi-taskers that I love to use when I'm not in the mood to faff around with a full routine. Just smooth a pump or two through the mid-lengths and ends of hair for smooth, bouncy strands.
  • Darphin Rose Aromatic Care - One of the original skincare oils, and still one of my favorites! Darphin makes one for every skin type, this one works great on dehydrated skin. It helps to balance moisture and smooth the surface.
  • Caudalie Instant Detox Mask - Enriched with coffee and pink clay, this mask instantly draws out impurities and smooths the skin. I reach for this one when I need to keep breakouts at bay.
  • La Roche Posay Makeup Remover Micellar Water Gel - This is a unique cleanser that is gentle on the skin and removes makeup using the same spheres in Micellar water. I love how refreshing this feels on the skin, and that it doesn't foam up or strip moisture.

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The day after Christmas I left for a two week trip to Europe; the main goal being to explore the Alps during the winter season. A few friends, my boyfriend and I flew into Paris and enjoyed five days eating at our way around the city and visiting Versailles. I always love taking a trip right after Christmas; the cities are still lit up with lights and the crowds die down for a few days, only to reappear in time for New Year's Eve. That being said, we decided to head to Switzerland before things got too crowded in the City of Lights, so I packed up my arsenal of La Prairie products and headed for colder temperatures.

The Alps were stunning; we used Interlaken as a base to explore the surrounding Jungfrau region and spent time in Wengen, Grindelwald (my favorite) and Jungfraujoch. It was cold and dry at those high altitudes, so I was thrilled to have skincare that I could rely on to keep me hydrated and looking fresh even through all that train travel and bitter cold. 
We met a Swiss woman who lived in Grindelwald, and one of the first things she mentioned was that Swiss women relied on certain brands to keep their skin healthy in that kind of climate, because of their ingredients. I am happy to report that La Prairie was on that list..."a worthy investment," she said.

Of course, I had to streamline my routine as much as I could, so I brought a few of my favorites from the brand on my journey. Every morning after cleansing and applying toner, I applied the Essence of Caviar Eye Complex around my eye area to keep the skin hydrated and feeling taught. I swear this little dropper is filled with miracle fluid; every time I was looking tired, I would pat on some of this and look instantly more awake and refreshed. 

When my skin is drier, I like to eliminate the need for thicker base makeup, and one of my tips for being able to do that is to layer skincare. I would apply the illuminating eye cream from the Anti-Aging Eye & Lip Perfection à Porter, along with a layer of the lip balm for a perfected pout. Then, I'd dab on just a bit of the Light Fantastic Cellular Concealer to my under eye area for a light dose of coverage that wouldn't dehydrate the area. 

For the rest of my face, I relied completely on the multitasking Cellular Swiss UV Protection Veil for a dose of moisture and sun protection that also managed to smooth away dehydration lines and keep my skin feeling balanced. And trust me when I say that blending a bit of the Cellular Radiance Cream Blush on the apples of my cheeks made all the difference. I love this blush for its ability to fuse into the skin and look completely undetectable - my favorite shade is Rose Glow.

I'll be sharing my travel guides soon, but in the meantime, tell me - what products do you rely on in colder climates?

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Fragrance has always been an element of beauty that can easily alter my mood; it's closely tied to memories, and can really leave a lasting impression. It's for these reasons that I really appreciate niche fragrances, especially when they involve a bespoke selection and creation process. 

I recently discovered a New York City based brand, Olfactory, which is quite unlike any I have encountered before. They truly take the meaning of bespoke fragrances to the next level, and offer customers the opportunity to not only select a unique scent, but to then further customize it by intensifying certain notes and personalizing the label. 
Every Olfactory NYC fragrance is made specially for the customer in the brand's New York studio. The collection encompasses nine fragrances in total, however, each of them can be tailored to the wearer's personal taste by blending combinations of accords to further enhance certain notes. 

This is the new way to wear fragrance; I personally love the idea that when I wear Olfactory, I'm wearing a fragrance unique to me. I also found the process of selection incredibly satisfying, as I was able to describe the notes I typically enjoy in a scent, and Olfactory presented me with Hunter, which contains tantalizing notes of Vanilla, Musk and Ambrette. I then had my scent further personalized with an additional green note, as I tend to like green fragrances with an overall vanilla or amber base, which resulted in my perfect winter fragrance. I love how it sits close to the skin and feels comforting, like it was truly made to suit me.

One of my favorite things about Olfactory is that they don't focus on big marketing and really stress the quality of the fragrances themselves, which allows them to price their scents fairly, especially for bespoke products.
It's safe to say I'm a convert to Olfactory's fragrance line; I already can't wait to select and personalize a scent for the Spring and Summer months from their collection. Have you tried this brand before?

*Thank you to Olfactory NYC for sponsoring this post.
The holidays can be a tricky time. You want to fit in time to relax and enjoy the season's festivities - from binge-watching sappy movies to baking cookies and everything in between - yet you still have to juggle everyday tasks and shopping for gifts, cooking, cleaning, etc. The list sort of seems endless, doesn't it? So, if you're human, you likely need to run out for a few last minute gifts this season. Below are some of my foolproof favorites that surely don't look as though you did last minute shopping. 
Candles: Can't go wrong with candles. I've said it before and I'll say it again; everyone loves them, and they're often a major treat when chosen appropriately. Some of my favorites for gifting include: Boy Smells Cedar Stack, Cire Trudon Josephine, and Diptyque Baies.

Gift Sets: Gift sets are a lovely way to gift a thoughtful collection of favorites in one category. Think pampering products, or great makeup standbys when purchasing sets! I love the Laura Mercier Mod to Modern Caviar Stick Eye Colour Collection, as it includes a sampling of one of my all-time favorite makeup products in a beautiful array of modern neutrals. The Laura Mercier Sweet Temptations Ambre Vanillé Luxe Body Collection will allow anyone on your list the ultimate evening  (or daytime, no judgements) relaxation session, and includes some of the brand's bestselling bath and body products in a creamy, yet adult, vanilla scent. I also love the Tan Luxe The Tailor-Made Tan gift set, as it includes all the essentials for faking a post holiday glow, right in time for the festivities this season brings. It's also great because it allows you to customize your tan, so you can go as natural, or as intense, as you prefer. For the trendy makeup lover on your list, the Fenty Match Stix Trio is a surefire way to impress. I love the chic pink packaging and the fact that the sticks are magnetized - not to mention the fact that there is a set of contour and highlight sticks to suit every skin color!

Luxe Treats: We all have someone on our list who deserves a luxurious treat; I know I do! One of my all time favorite luxury skincare products is the La Prairie Perfection à Porter, as it contains a beautiful and effective duo of illuminating, caviar-infused, eye cream and lip balm. I also love the La Prairie Cellular Radiance Cream Blush; the shade Rose Glow is the ultimate suit-all pink, and the formula is incredible. I love how the color meshes with the skin and keeps cheeks hydrated, and plump all day. And, I don't know anyone who wouldn't benefit from a great luxury face cream! I absolutely love the RéVive Moisturizing Renewal Cream, which contains SPF, and is the perfect anti-aging makeup base.
What are your go-to last minute gifts? 

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It's been awhile since I've filmed my everyday makeup routine, so I thought I would get back to it and show you what it is I've been doing most days! I have been really loving La Prairie products; they are an amazing way to perfect the skin without having to use as much makeup. I've also had some incredible recent product discoveries I would love for you to see!

I hope you enjoy the video. Don't forget to subscribe for more!

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It's almost December, and you know what that means! It's time for a roundup of my favorite holiday gift sets for all the beauty addicts - and women who would appreciate some pampering - in your life. Keep scrolling...there's truly something here for everyone, and it's all separated out by category!

Overose Paris Shahaman: I absolutely love everything about these candles; from their hefty pink packaging to their scents and minimalistic labels! I'm not sure I know anyone who wouldn't appreciate the glow of one of these during the holidays.
Elemis Joyful Glow: Talk about a holiday classic! This scent showcases vanilla, orange and cinnamon for the perfect Christmas fragrance. I love the shimmering silver glass holder as well - it can be repurposed after use!

Bath & Body
Jo Malone Body Crème Collection: Jo Malone is always a luxurious treat. I love their fragrances, and their body cremes are no exceptions! Not only do they layer well with the fragrances, but they smell beautiful on their own as well. These are perfect for travel, and are sure to help the receiver find a new favorite.
Diptyque Figuier Room Spray: Another standby favorite; Diptyque's Room Sprays offer a reprieve from the usual candle for home scents. I love the fresh, milky fig fragrance of Figuier.
Tom Ford Boys & Girls: Beautifully giftable versions of Tom Ford's cult classic lipsticks. With so many shades to choose from, you'll find something for everyone on your list. My favorites are Nico, Ryan and Evan.
Sara Happ Perfect Pout in a Box: All of the (über luxurious) products you need to exfoliate, hydrate, and restore the condition of your lips. This kit is absolutely perfect for the winter; I don't know anyone who wouldn't find this kit useful.
Buxom Customizable Palette: The perfect gift for the discerning beauty lover. I love that you can customize this completely, and that there are so many stunning eyeshadow shades to choose from. What I like most about this is the beautiful, buttery texture of the shadows themselves. Fill 'em up!

Studio Arhoj Chug Mugs: This seems like an odd choice, however, I swear these mugs are going to get heart-eyed reactions from everyone. I love that each is handmade and unique in a bright array of shades (I like the pastel), and they double as incredible vanity-top beauty storage!

Kate Somerville All Glow, No Glitter Set: The perfect kit to give friends and family who love pampering their skin! Kate's classic Exfolikate line is a surefire choice for creating smooth, radiant skin during the winter, and I love how there are two full sizes and one travel included in this set.
What's on your holiday gift list this year?
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