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May 15, 2014


A mirrored vanity tray resides on my dresser stocked with my "favorite" perfumes, although, sometimes it doesn't feel that way. It almost seems as if that tray is overridden with perfumes that have seen their final days, and that rarely get chosen to be spritzed. I have never really found "the" perfume for me, therefore haven't ever been very loyal when it came to a scent, so they pile up collecting dust in the tray. I do have a few that I always go back to, because they are comforting to me and just smell fresh  or feminine. I have only ever repurchased two scents out of all that I have tried, one of which is the Aqua di Parma Blu Mediteranneo  Fico di Amalfi. Fico di Amalfi is an uplifting scent, whose smell is reminiscent of a walk through a blossoming garden filled with lush lemon and fig trees in Positano on an Italian Summer getaway. While I love this scent still to this day, the problem that I found was that it was too seasonal for me, and I only tend to reach for it in the warmer days due to its carefree aura. The other was Prada Candy, a much more sultry and enticing scent, that to me, is a sophisticated twist on a classic vanilla laced with caramel or something deeper and more rich. I love this scent as well, but find it too heavy for the summer time. 

Enter, Diptyque Volutes, a light but woody scent that is unique and versatile. Think of this scent as sexy, but not trying too hard to be, like a French woman who has that bed head hair. This is a complex fragrance that can be interpreted differently by each wearer, with top notes of tobacco, honey, and iris, all of which are detectable at different times throughout wear. It also has hints of pepper, hay, saffron, and myrrh, as if you were on a ship crossing through Pacific waters to trade these precious goods. I am no fragrance connoisseur either, this is just a scent that leaves lingering aromas as if you were transported back in time, just as Diptyque describes. I think that because this is so complex, it works well with any season, warm enough for the winter and light enough with hints of florals for the Summer. I think I have found the scent for me, I have a feeling this one won't be collecting anything but compliments. 

Do you have a scent that you feel is versatile enough for any time of the year, have you found "the" scent yet?

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