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May 02, 2014


I can tell you without exaggeration, that my product "to try" list can never be fulfilled. Every time I tick a box and pick up a new item, or 6 off the list, it seems another 10 make their way on. Vicious cycle, let me tell you. Between all the blog reading I do (I am a sucker for a rave review) and the new releases lining the aisle caps of Sephora, - I just can't escape. I always end one purchase by making a mental note that I need to come back out to get this, or that.

Alright, enough - onto the good stuff. So keeping with the oil trend that has been on a continuous rise, I picked up the L'Occitane Amande Shower Oil from Sephora. Let me tell you, from just one whiff I can tell that this little guy and I are going to have a very delicious-smelling and smooth relationship. Is it sad that I am super excited to shower this weekend just so that I can use this? In my own defense, it is the little things that we need to appreciate in life.

For awhile now I have been eyeing up the Sigma F80 Flat Top Kabuki brush with my greedy little perfect-complexion-seeking eye. I think that I will really love this one judging by the rave review it received from Amelia Liana on her blog, Liana-Beauty. The way that this brush applies foundation is similar to that of the Real Techniques Buffing Brush - you know - that swirling and buffing technique that creates a second-skin like finish. The bristles are much more compacted on this brush and I'm hoping that means an even more airbrushed result. I also have been meaning to pick up the Real Techniques Blush Brush, as I find no negatives to owning their tools in your kit - purse friendly and great quality, win-win.

My love of neutral shadows continues with yet another nude-ranged palette. I have never really gotten into Clinique shadows before and figured that this launch was a good way to begin our relationship. Let me tell you - I am ohh so glad I did. A total dream upon first swipe, it is hard not to want to eat these up, as their texture is just so buttery-smooth.

And what's a purchase without some base and complexion enhancers? To make sure I ticked this box as well, I snapped up an Elemis Papaya Enyme Peel to help ensure a brightened base. I rely a lot on fruit enzyme peels, BHA's, and AHA's to keep my skin looking bright and clear. This one also contains a soothing dose of Vitamin E and a hit of antioxidants to get that extra boost of healthy radiance to your skin. For quality assurance purposes on a more cosmetic level, in comes the Stila One-Step Correct, a three in one serum that contains color correcting "moisturizing brighteners" for flawless looking skin. I will report back with full reviews after I have tested long enough to know for sure where I stand on these purchases. 


  1. I'm obsessed with the Almond Shower Oil, I'm already on my second 500ml bottle. My skin has never felt so soft!
    xxx Claire

    1. So am I! I already want to buy another just so I will not run out. It smells sooo good and practically eliminates the need for moisturizer if you're in a hurry!


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