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May 20, 2014


With shorter work weeks just around the bend and a long weekend coming up this Friday, I can finally catch up on some much needed sleep. This has been quite a draining Spring filled with long weeks, short weekends, and absolutely no breaks thrown in for good measure. It is about time that we all catch up on some sleep, have some "me" time and enjoy the nice weather that took so long to arrive. Since I have been sleep deprived as of late, I have been experimenting a bit with some shadows that help to fake the awake look. While lackluster skin is a telltale sign of being run down as well, dull and lifeless eyes really drag down your overall look. I have a few shades in my stash that I find myself reaching for whenever I need an extra boost of healthy glow. After all, who needs sleep right? 

While this may seem like an obvious tip, adding a bit of an illuminating shade on the eyes can give you an instantly awakened look. Popping on a bit of nude, seashell, or even silver (anything that has a light catching quality) will help to open up the eyes when coffee isn't doing the trick. I have four that I keep on constant rotation for this exact purpose and find that just a bit makes a big difference. Keep in mind though, with shades like these less is more, as too much of a chalky and shimmery look will accentuate puffy eyes and make you look washed out.

Take a bit of a shade like Stila Kitten on your index finger and tap lightly into the inner corner of the eyes and sweep a bit on the lid, making sure to go in with a more matte shade in the crease as to set the eye further back. I love Nars Eye Paint in Interstellar as a highlight when dabbed on top of a brown shade, Chanel Illusion D'ombre in Emerveille for an all over sheer wash of seashell, and Laura Mercier Caviar Eye Stick in Sugar Frost as a super long lasting inner-corner highlight. All of these are amazing as they give you the bright eyed look without making you look like you're back in your pre-teens with glittery eyes. Always a plus!

What shades are your go to for helping you look more awakened and fresh when you just can't catch a break? 

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