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May 13, 2014


With the weather finally warming up, parts of my makeup routine have been changing to follow suit. During the Winter my skin was dryer and in need of a much heavier formula when it came to bases. But, when the temperatures increase the amount of products I slap on my face decrease so that I don't run the risk of a melty face. I find that this applies more to when I am outside, but if I am going to be at work all day I can still use some of my heavier products, just with a lighter hand and a tad more powder for setting. 

I really don't like having to sacrifice my foundation altogether just because the weather is warmer, so I have a Summer base squad I call in for days where the air is heavy. The first product two products I adore for a drier summer day, and they are the Nars Radiant Tinted Moisturizer and the Laura Mercier Oil-Free Tinted Moisturizer. I find that while both of these products are much more moisture rich than my other picks, the Nars offering gives a more foundation-like coverage and a dose of brightness to the skin. What I like about the Laura Mercier base, is that I find the lasting power to be a bit better as it is a bit tackier in texture allowing it to adhere to the skin. Bear in mind you may need to use a second product (concealer) to cover any pesky blemishes or bags as the coverage is more on the sheer side. 

For those extremely humid days where a bit of a 'sweatshache' is inevitable (gross, I know), I suggest either the Jouer Matte Moisture Tint, or the Tarte Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Foundation. The Jouer base is a unique one, where it does feel dewy on the skin, but also mattifies at the same time. It is sort of one that you will have to try out for yourself to fully understand how it works, but the coverage is more medium than light like that of the Nars and Laura Mercier. I know that the Tarte offering has been causing a bit of a buzz right now in the beauty world, and rightfully so. I find it to be very versatile, as it can be worn either sheer or built up to an almost full coverage. This product is also the most mattifying of the bunch, yet still manages to look natural and never cakey. 

So - which do you think you will be adding to your base entourage during these upcoming warmer months? If you have a different suggestion entirely, please comment below, as I am always up for trying new ones! 

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