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May 05, 2014


Let the "ooh-ing and ahh-ing" commence. The Nars Matte Multiples are a well-hyped and long-awaited release from one of my all time favorite brands. I know that this is not the first review that has been written about this do-it-all release, but I wanted to pick up a shade or two and do some real-life testing before I gave you the down low on this product. The Matte Multiples really cover all the bases in terms of lips, contours, and cheeks. I tend to find 'Lip & Cheek' duo products either too sticky for the cheeks or too drying on the lips, so even if I love the colors, the formulas don't usually agree with my skin. These babies, on the other hand, are different. 

When these hit my local Nars counter, I couldn't resist the urge - they had to be mine. So, out I ran to the store, and as expected, they were too stunning for me to narrow my choices to just one. I ended up walking out with both Siam (left) and Laos (right). I have had my eye on these two colors ever since I spotted them starring in an Into the Gloss  editorial pre-release.  Siam is a super-pigmented orangey red  that I thought would fall more into the 'night-out' lip category for me. Laos is a rosy coral that, in my mind, had already taken the spot as my new perfect blush shade. Per usual - I jumped to conclusions - I had it completely wrong. I find that Laos looks amazing tapped into the lips with a balmed-up base and results in a 'my lips but better' look. Siam (you little gem) gives a beautiful, uplifted flush to the cheeks if you are careful in your application. I used a stippling brush, even dabbing it on the back of my hand first to remove the excess. If you are wondering which shade to purchase, I would say - go big or go home! Grab yourself a Matte Multiple in Siam for that 'I've been toasting out in the sun a bit too long' glow. The summer is just around the corner, after all...



  1. I am well on my way to picking up a few of these! They look absolutely flawless on you - interesting that you think Laos works better as a lip product, I've jumped to the same conclusion you first did! Great review :) xo

    1. Hi Becky!
      Thank you so much, and I know - I am very surprised too! I actually found that the more muted color looked slightly ruddy on my skin and that the brighter one looked more uplifting. Of course, I used just a tiny amount. Let me know what colors you end up picking up and how they work for you!



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