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June 04, 2014


Can we take a moment to bask in the glory that is the Diorskin Nude Tan Healthy Glow Enhancing Powder with its sleek and classic Cannage compact? Ahhh, okay. So anyways, I do love a good tan now and then but ever since we had the longest Winter of all time I have learned to embrace pale skin, and weirdly enough, have grown to love it. I gave up intentionally sunbathing and pretty much all forms of tanning a few years ago after I left a tanning salon with a horrible burn my freshman year in college. I guess at the time I thought that cocooning myself in a skin-torching bed was an okay idea because, well, everyone was doing it - yay for conformity! (sense my sarcasm)

With my tanning days far behind me, I find that it is now a rare occurrence for me to wear bronzer. I used to go through loads of my beloved Benefit Hula and Nars Laguna bronzers (I still love them!) but lately I'm struggling a bit in the golden goddess department. That was until a stroll through the beauty counters of Nordstrom where I caught myself gawking at this offering from Dior. The woman at the counter caught me mid-swatch and kindly offered to give me a proper application. Now, usually makeup application in a department store and all its fluorescent lit glory has me running from the place no bags in hand, which is why I tend to not test some things there. To my own pleasant surprise, this bronzer gave me the perfect amount of peachy tan color on my cheeks and forehead, and was just enough to eliminate the ghostly look I had walked in the store with. The coverage is healthy looking and buildable and would even suit me as an illuminating powder if, on the off chance, I did get a tan. 

Since I brought this beauty home I have been dusting it lightly across the areas I would usually get a tan, topped with a bit of blush on the apples of my cheeks. This is definitely a winner and something to keep in mind for when you want to treat yourself, which girl, you deserve. 


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    1. Hi Charlotte,

      Thank you! I'm a sucker for pretty packaging :)



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