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June 06, 2014


Confession time: I hoard makeup bags like nobody's business. Big bags, train cases, mesh travel pouches, see through bags; you name it, I have one (or more). I think that my justification has always been the amount of nice makeup I own. How can I have all that makeup and nowhere cute to store it? All I can say is I'm a neat freak and refuse to toss products into my handbag without a proper home, so they're always stored in a pouch of their own. Countless makeup bags later and I have yet to be impressed with their 'store inside my handbag' abilities, they're either too large, not sturdy enough, too small - well, you get the gist.

A couple weeks back I was eyeing up this Marc by Marc Jacobs bag while shopping, and of course felt too guilty to take it home with me (who needs 30 makeup bags, ya know?). I kept thinking about it because of its perfect size and adorable pattern - it is small enough to fit in almost any of my bags (not clutches, obviously) but manages to fit more essentials than are even essential. My boyfriend then surprised me with it and I had to play a bit of show and tell, as I have found my makeup bag match! I love the shape and depth of this, it is slender enough to fit anywhere I could want it to and holds enough for a long weekend away. It is a member of the 'coated canvas' family of bag offerings from MJ, which is why I thought it was so perfect - I can't tell you how many bags I have with mascara and powder stains that will not come out. This one is only a wipe away from being perfectly cleaned, which gives it major bonus points from an OCD sufferer like myself. lf you fancy getting one of your own you can find something similar here.

Any makeup bag musts that you carry everywhere with you? I must know...


  1. Yes!! A fellow makeup bag hoarder!! Love! This bag is amazing in every way. And two points for being easy to clean! I too cannot stand to have things running loose in my purse and have at least 3 little makeup bags in it!

    1. Trust me, I feel your pain there, I hate disorganized beauty products! If you spot any other makeup bag musts I'm always in the market :)



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