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June 01, 2014


Sometimes there are products that deserve an entire post devoted to their glorious beautifying ways. In this case, it's the RMS Living Luminizer, a plant oil based illuminator that adds the glow without the glitter. This stuff makes skin look the way it should, bright and perfected, not at all flat and chalky. There is nothing I hate more than a glittering highlighter that looks like I rolled in craft glitter, and I have to say a good majority of highlighting products I have tried do just that. 

I like that this is an organic product because to me that means there can be no plastic pieces of shimmering mess, just good old light bringing oil. I am not exactly sure what they put in there to make it give just the slightest luminescence, but I have to say - this stuff is just plain gorgeous dabbed on the tops of cheekbones and used as an inner corner highlight. If you are on the hunt for a product that gives you that lit-from-within glow, well, your search is over.

How do you guys feel about this product? Have you tried it before? 


  1. This is SO beautiful! It really makes your skin look so healthy and gorgeous! I was cracking up about the "rolled in craft glitter" part! I've been wanting to try this or the buriti bronzer, but I have oily skin and the coconut oil base makes me wonder if it would lead to ultra shiny skin for me. I LOVE the RMS beauty Coconut Cream. I've used it for a makeup remover, skin hydrator, and even deodorant. It's amazing stuff!

    1. I have oily skin as well and find that this isn't too much at all for my skin type. I just use my ring finger to dab some on my cheekbones and in the inner corner of my eye. You need the tiniest bit for a lot of glow - I found that the Buriti bronzer was just like this but in a darker base making it a little less wearable for everyday. Let me know if you end up picking one up and your thoughts!



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