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July 10, 2014


The creme de la creme of the fragrance world, Diptyque, certainly knows their way to a girls heart. I don't dare count how many instagrammers, pinners, and bloggers have shown the brand love via their photos of aesthetically pleasing flat-lays and vanity shots. The obsession with their candles may even seem a bit overly frivolous and unnecessary, but who can be blamed - the hand-blown glass packaging is just so gawwgeous. I am here, as one of them, to express my adoration for the brands fragrance lineup, and unfortunately for my wallet, I have yet to smell a Diptyque scent that I dislike. However, I have refrained from going too crazy and think I have found my favorite three that will have me smelling amazing year round.

My first venture into the world of Diptyque's fragrances began with a love affair for the wonderfully smokey and warm scent that is Volutes. I touted this scent in a previous post, gushing over its ability to transport you with scents of tobacco and spices that relay a cozy and warm feeling without being too sickly sweet. Volutes is a very unique scent, but very transitional as well; layering it with a light floral or fruity scent makes for a perfect custom fragrance come early fall. 

Philosykos was naturally my second choice when it came to choosing favorites. I love anything to do with figs - eating them, fig scented lotion or shower gel, the tree itself, and fig scented perfume. An old favorite of mine was the Acqua di Parma Fico di Amalfi, which I picked up on my first trip to Italy when I was pretty young. I have to say I'm impressed with the younger version of myself, as fig is quite the acquired taste in scents, and definitely a more mature one. This one by Diptyque is somewhat reminiscent of that, but slightly more refined with a woodier feel and a delicious milky flavor. This is one of those conversation starter scents, and unless you hate fig, I would tell you it is a must have.  A trip to Greece might not be in the cards but this will take you there in spirit…

Last, but certainly not least, is Geranium Odorata. This is certainly the floral lovers pick from the bunch but still is unlike most floral scents I have encountered in the past. It smells of geraniums blossoming in early spring, which is hard to imagine unless you have walked by the crimson clusters yourself. I can describe this to you as a flower that shares similar scent characteristics to that of a rose while leaning a bit more on the masculine side of things (in a good way) with notes of Mediterranean cyprus. You will just have to have a sniff for yourself.

The question that is posed by Diptyque is often in regards to the price of their products, for which I would personally answer - Yes, they are worth it. Save the glass after you use up the product for a beautiful vase or vanity decoration. Post to come on that? I'll get moving...

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