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July 14, 2014


I was having a poke around my skincare stash this weekend while attempting to pick out items to pack for my trip to Spain this week. I am leaving Thursday and working up until pretty much the last hour  - woe is me. Time is obviously of the essence here, but I was a bit sidetracked when I noticed that a good portion of some of my all time favorite products come from the French pharmacy. I know that it is now considered 'trendy' to use French brands in your skincare routine, but that trend developed from the fact that many of these products work skin wonders without costing you your rent money. Marketing BS aside, these brands offer products covering all matters of skin issues so there is really something for everyone. Here are some of my favorites:

From Avene // One of the most simple and effective cleansers out there, Avene Cleanance, is a soap free gel cleanser that is gentle enough for all skin types and removes makeup without leaving the skin tight or dry. Avene also makes great and simple moisturizers that are perfect for sensitive skin - my favorite is the Skin Recovery Cream. This is one of those products that  leaves the skin super happy and balanced with just the right amount of moisture. I also reach for the Avene Cold Cream on a regular basis, which is a lip balm in a white pearlescent stick form. It leaves the lips with a bit of a sheen and keeps them hydrated which is a plus.

From Nuxe // This brand is another one of those French girl beauty secrets, as they use a lot of honey in their products which is great for a balanced complexion. Their lip balms are absolute essentials for me; the Nuxe Reve de Miel is a cult product that is both rich, creamy, and matte at the same time. I love sleeping in this lip balm for an intensive moisturizing treatment for lips, not to mention it smells like oranges and honey. I also have the Nuxe Reve de Miel lip balm in the stick form for tossing in my bag anytime I'm on the go. Another favorite from this line is the Nuxe Aroma-Perfection Anti-Imperfection Care, which is a skin tone perfecting moisturizing and mattifying fluid that I love using under my makeup in the morning. 

From La Roche Posay // This is one of my go to brands when I need a quick fix for something, as they have a solution for just about every skin woe without ever being too harsh. Two items that I always keep on hand are the La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo, for fighting off any pesky blemishes that may plague the complexion, and the La Roche Posay Solution Micellaire Physiologique, to balance out the skin whenever it has had a bad reaction to anything. I would say that this isn't one of those makeup removing miracles of a Micellar solution, but it is a great balancing and soothing toner as it contains glycerin, which my skin loves. 

Extras // My favorite dry shampoo of all time is the Klorane Gentle Dry Shampoo with Oat Milk which I picked up on a whim in a Parisian pharmacy once and haven't searched for another since. It is really the only one I have come across that restores the bounce completely without feeling heavy or giving that dreaded white scalp effect. Another obvious one to try from the shelves of CityFarma (or is the Embryolisse cream. This cream has been touted by celebrities, models, and makeup artists alike for its anti-ageing, skin calming, and moisturizing effects. I have found that this is an amazing basic moisturizer that is great for layering on thick for night or even as a makeup primer - kind of a do it all. Love this stuff. 

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