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July 29, 2014


Carriages in Parque de Maria Luisa

Plaza de Espana

Outer wall of the Royal Alcazar 

Largest Gothic Altar at the Cathedral of Seville

Courtyard of the Orange Trees at the Cathedral of Seville 

View from La Giralda 

Lights after a celebration in Triana

Inside the Plaza de Toros 

Torre del Oro 

I got a bit 'snap happy' while I was away and I wanted to share the second half of my photo diary to follow up on Sunday's post. I pulled key monuments and photos that I feel think really capture the vibe and ambiance of this city laden with bright colors, lush greenery, rich history, and unique architecture. Of course, being back to the swing of things at home - blah - I am more appreciative of the beauty and inspiring feeling that these photos bring to me now. Every time my family travels I tend to play the role of paparazzi; following them around with my large lensed camera snapping both posed-for and awkward candid moments, all of which offer wonderful memories after time passes. 

My favorite spots in the city of Seville were the Plaza de Espana and the Royal Alcazar which were both unlike anything I have seen elsewhere in Europe. The Royal Alcazar was built by the same architect that constructed the Alhambra in Granada, which explains why it was done in an almost entirely Islamic style. If you ever plan a visit here, I also recommend exploring the side streets that branch off of the square where the Cathedral is located, as we discovered some seriously delicious traditional restaurants off the beaten path. Yay for Tapas and 'Cupa' Sangria...which I plan to replicate at home sometime soon. Do you feel a Spanish themed night coming on? I do.

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  1. Gorgeous shot of you and your mom! Adds Seville to Places To Go wish list immediately. Amazing pictures.


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