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August 04, 2014


Benefit is a brand known for their cutting-edge product releases and adorably chic packaging, so it is no surprise that one of their recent innovations has had the beauty world buzzing with excitement. I love any product that cuts down on application time and makes things easier and the new addition to the "They're Real!" family, the They're Real Push-Up Liner does just that. I'll admit I have tampered with many a liner in my day - gels, powders, liquids, creams - you name it, I've slicked on a kitten flick with it. Yes, with practice I have come up with my own tricks to creating a perfectly even cat eye, but none of the products I have tried in the past have really ever provided an applicator that doubled as a cheater's guide to this oft-feared step of makeup application. 

Eyeliner newbs, you know who you are, you should be welcoming this new product into your routine with open arms. After about a month with this little gem in my possession, I have perfected the technique and find that it is one of the longest lasting liner options out there. In terms of ease of use, I'm not sure if I'd say it's the easiest to use the first time, but once you get the hang of it, creating an even line becomes like a second nature and the pointed rubber tip creates the perfect wing for you. I love how the applicator disperses just the right amount of smudge-proof gel into the tip, just be careful not to crank more than twice, or you may end up with a bit too much product. I predict that in no time at all, there will be a bevy of cat-eyed beauties running rampant in the streets thanks to the ease of this new liner.

Have you tried this new release from Benefit already? What are your thoughts?

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  1. Love the Grumpy Cat background. She is SO cute! I've yet to try this liner but might pick it up if I can get the sample size. I almost never do black liner so a full-sized pen would literally never get used up. I'm glad you like it and have found it to work really well!


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