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August 29, 2014


I had been trying to refrain from adding more eyeshadow palettes to my makeup collection, but when I first laid eyes on these new Chanel quads, I knew they would be tough to ignore. Chanel describes their new Les 4 Ombres shadows as "a vibrant pigment rich formula in palettes inspired by threads of Chanel tweed." I tend to gravitate toward neutral toned shades as I'm a brown eyed gal and love a deep chocolate shade to make my eyes pop, so naturally I chose one of the more neutral palettes. I love the shades in this palette, Tisse Vendome, which contains two browns - one espresso, one more chestnut - a champagne highlight, and a peachy salmon color that adds the perfect multidimensional touch of color. 

I have had this palette for a little over a week now, and you couldn't pry it out of my hands if you wanted to. My favorite finish of eyeshadow is glimmering and richly pigmented with an almost wet or slick looking finish, and these shadows fit the bill exactly. They are easy to blend and work harmoniously together, creating a perfect gradient of color. I like to use the champagne color all over the lid, working it into the inner corner for that bright-eyed effect; the salmon color in the center of the lid right above the pupil, and the brown in the outer corner and the crease for a deepened effect. Amazingly buildable for nighttime looks and subtle enough for the everyday; these are stunning. I hate to be an enabler (no I don't) but I would say, run...don't walk to grab one for yourself. 

What do you think of these new Chanel palettes? Are you going to try them out or pass?


  1. This is the one I had my eyes on as well! Still haven't bought it and probably will be skip in the end! I really cannot be buying eye shadows anymore.. way too many and way too little use!


    1. I love this one, I definitely need a time out from purchasing more for a bit though!



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