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August 27, 2014


If I'm being completely honest, I feel like I have been a bit uninspiring lately in terms of my product choices. I have found myself totally disinterested in most of the releases I have seen out as of late and am becoming a bit more of a routine kind of gal. That being said, a trip to Sephora hasn't been made in  fear of seeing those new releases encased in sleek eye-catching packaging. Am I the only one who feels this way? 

However, what I am using, I am totally loving. In terms of base I have been keeping things a bit simpler because I find that the Chanel Perfection Lumiere Velvet is so amazing on its own, so I just spot conceal with the Tarte Marajuca Creaseless  Concealer and things look pretty flawless. If you haven't tried this concealer before then allow me to introduce you to your new blemish covering savior - this stuff doesn't budge due to its thick consistency, not to mention it's packed with many powerful natural ingredients. I have also pulled out the Benefit Hoola Bronzer which is an old favorite that I rediscovered in the midst of a "shopping the stash" moment. No wonder my younger self adored this cutesy boxed powder so much - it's shimmer free, so natural looking, and works great as a contour as well. To add a bit of glow to the cheeks the Dior Glow Healthy Awakening Blush is great and suits everyone because of it's natural flush-mimicking ability. Being an oily lidded girl (weird, right?) I often struggle with creasing shadows, but the Mac Paint Pot in Painterly works wonders and matches my skin tone seamlessly. If I am in a hurry I sometimes wear this alone with mascara and a bit of liner, but if I am so inclined then a swipe of my Clinique Chubby Stick Shadow Tint for Eyes in Whopping Willow looks great and the golden moss shade adds just the right amount of something special. 

So these are some products I am grabbing in a hurry lately and have proved themselves worthy of being dubbed a "love" product. 


  1. Agreed - Chanel PLV is, well, perfection! That's one of my fail-safes for sure. I have oily lids and MAC Paint Pots crease on me? I guess I have CRAY oily lids, b/c they work for so many people! And hey - there's nothing wrong with taking a little break from the seemingly endless stream of cosmetics launches. They'll be there when you get back, lol! I did haul a lil MAC loves Marge today. I haven't been able to stop thinking about Grand Pumpkin Lip Glass ever since I first saw swatches! I have nothing else like it and I *needed* it. ;)

    1. Ah! One of my greatest enablers :)
      I was only able to refrain for a bit, considering I have already been out to pick up a few more pieces. I should probably try the ten pan challenge haha. Too bad we don't live closer - I think we could have fun in the cosmetics department together!



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