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September 16, 2014


Pumpkin spiced lattes, apple picking resulting in fresh baked pies, sweater weather; all things reminiscent of fall. If you told me a two weeks ago that we'd be well on our way into the season come mid-September I would have called you a liar. But hey, it's okay with me because personally it's one of my favorite times of the year. It's about time that those previously caliente days cool down and give way to that relaxed, crisp air and a much richer, yet muted palette of autumnal hues.

When I imagine an ideal scenario in the fall, I envision a fresh faced girl with windswept hair, naturally flushed cheeks, and gently metallic effortless eye makeup. Based on the trend report for this coming season - only a few days away now - it seems that those really are the key components that make up (pun, definitely intended) this fall's beauty forecast. I think regardless that these are things that can be effortlessly beautiful every autumn, which is what I like to go for with my makeup look, switching out one item at a time for a more minimal take on bolder trends. 

A standout trend that I can get behind is the strategic placement of bold and graphic liner, as a cat eye  is my absolute go-to for nights out. I think it's just about every year that we see the liquid metal eyes return; try toning it down a bit for day time and you'll be perfectly on trend without running the risk of looking over done. Think chocolatey, bronzed tones or rubies and shimmering taupes swept over the lid paired with mauve cheeks. Blush becomes less of a statement, and more of a way to mimic how cheeks would look with a bit of windburn to add some life back into your now, much paler complexion. For day time it seems that brown-tinged pink lips are catwalk recurrences, and I foresee my MAC Cremesheen Creme in Your Coffee lipstick getting its' moment in the spotlight for just that. A bold berry for night is just the ticket - and of course you can never go wrong with a classic red lip, which were painted on otherwise bare faces backstage. The complexion is a clean and creamy one, like that of a porcelain doll, taking things a step further with spidery intense lashes to seal the deal. Is there a modern romantic 90's vibe to all of this, or is it just me? 

Will you be picking up any these autumn trends and adding them into your beauty arsenal?

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