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September 11, 2014


I have five good reasons why, you too, should add a bottle of the Chanel Perfection Lumiere Velvet to your face base repertoire:

1) The coverage can vary. The stuff is so fluid that the smallest dot can be massaged in with fingers to things out nicely, but still look natural. For a higher coverage finish, try using a bit more product and blend into skin with a buffing brush - trust me, you will look so airbrushed you might think your reflection is fooling you.

2) It lies somewhere in the middle of the finish spectrum, keeping things matte enough to get you through the day, but melts into your skin enough to have 'em all fooled. 

3) Similar to a liquid-to-powder, you won't find yourself in need of too much, if any, t-zone powdering. I still like to add a bit of my favorite Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder just because I love the glowy finish, but the less powder needed, the better.

4) It contains enough SPF to keep you protected in everyday situations. If you're going to the beach, please use a face lotion with a bit higher SPF as well...better safe than sorry and all of that. 

5) The black plastic packaging is perfect. Seriously, I don't know why more brands don't package their foundations in similar ways. The sleek bottle is great for travel because you never need to worry about it breaking, and it's compact size fits in any makeup bag without taking up all the room. 

I could keep the rambling coming, but that's no surprise considering this stuff is seriously good. I picked up this bottle when it first released early this spring, but I was stuck on something else at the time. I wasn't sure how I felt about this when I first tried it out, although there was no denying that it looked good on, I think I was just a bit confused. The application is definitely unique and not something I was used to before. The formula is probably the thinnest out of any in my stocks, but once it's blended into the skin it just melts right in without a trace. It gives a natural coverage with more lasting power than the Chanel Vita Lumiere Aqua, but still boasts the same skin-like finish. Think of this as the better option for those of us with slightly oilier skin, or those of us who would prefer to not have to top things up with powder halfway through the day. Check, and check. I can tell you right now, unless something magical in terms of bases is released in the next few months, you won't catch me unarmed with a bottle of this stuff. Chanel, I thank you.

...but I don't have to tell you twice.


  1. I too adore this foundation! The finish is just so natural and beautiful. I recently used NARS Radiant Cream Compact Foundation again after shelving it for months and I just still don't know how I feel about it. With the Chanel PLV, it was love at first use! And you're right, I LOVE the travel-friendly packaging of this and the VLA. Brilliant!

    1. Ahh - we really have such similar taste in makeup! It's crazy :) I love everything about this foundation and I'm actually happy you mentioned the Nars compact foundation because I was thinking about wanting to try it!


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