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October 02, 2014


The concept of "no makeup, makeup" is something we have become all too familiar with in recent months. However, if you are unfamiliar, allow me to introduce you. It seems the industry as a whole is gravitating toward wearing makeup, or more so, utilizing strategic makeup placement, that creates the illusion that there is nothing on the skin at all. Basically, we have to fake it 'til we make it, because for all of us average people, having a pocket sized Lisa Eldridge to store atop our vanities and make us look "everyday flawless" isn't going to happen anytime in this life. Woe is me.

For me, in order to look like I'm not wearing any makeup, it can take a small army of products (cRaZy~I know). But, since my discovery of Perricone MD (an extra fancy name for Doctor) and his fabulous array of "no makeup makeup" products, I have found it much easier to create a natural flush and replicate a post-vacation bronze with fewer products.

First up, the No Bronzer Bronzer, a bronzy makeup/serum hybrid housed in a teeny-tiny matte glass bottle with a pipette as an applicator. At first I was a bit wary of the color, as it appears deeper than my usual bronzer shade and it's a "one shade suits all" offering. Oh, how wrong I was about this - it really does suit all. There are two ways that you can use this product - 1 being to layer atop foundation and pat in where the sun would naturally hit, and 2 being to mix into your foundation to create an all-over tanned look. If I am predicting the future correctly, this is going to be a vacation savior for many - use it to darken up a foundation shade that's just too light post sunbathe. Seeing as I'm not on holiday, I have been using this via method 1, and have been loving the nearly undetectable finish that it gives. My number one tip would be to apply this using a layering method, go in lightly at first and then build it up to your desired tone of tan.

The No Blush Blush is similar in texture, a makeup/serum with a bit more fluidity, and comes in a beautiful warm rose shade. I have been really getting into cream blushes lately, and this is the most natural and youth-inducing formula I've yet to cross paths with (disclaimer: I'm not actually old). I would actually love to see this put to the test on someone with more mature skin, as I think the finish would be gorgeous and so uplifting. I really find this product applies similarly to that of watercolors on paper, tricky to get the hang of, but lends an amazing flush with just one drop. The overall result is much more skin-like because it involves fewer powder layers and it all sort of melts right into the skin.

Trying to sell a makeup lover a product who's title reads "no makeup" is oddly like trying to sell candy to a baby. Sort of an oxymoron, nonetheless easy-peasy...

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  1. The bronzer does sound like a vacation and summer staple to help darken your foundation, and the blush has been on my radar for awhile! And you're right, typically the "no makeup look" takes just as much time and makeup as the full face routine of a Vegas showgirl! :)


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