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October 23, 2014


I am a self-proclaimed skincare junkie. I love learning about new products, trying new products, and most of all the application process at the end of a long day. As much as I love makeup, and you might have guessed - it's a lot, I love nothing more than taking it all off and slapping on a good serum. Personally, I have found from experience that serums are the best category of skincare to invest your hard earned cash, as they tend to have the most obvious results. I am also a mask junkie...I might be too embarrassed to show you around my stocks. Shame on me.

I try to limit myself to only owning a few serums at a time, as they tend to last long because you really only need to use a little bit of product to obtain desired results. As of late, there are three superstars stationed in my camp, and I have to say I'm pretty happy with things. To be honest though, I might even cut one out when it comes to repurchasing - that being the Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair, shockingly. I know - I've sung it's praises many times before but I truly think the Kiehl's Over Night Biological does in one night what ANR does in a week. The Kiehl's serum speeds up the cell renewal process,  resurfaces rough patches, and has things looking super radiant and renewed come morning. For the purpose of playing it safe I limit use to three times a week, as it has the word "peel" in it's title, but I would probably bathe in the stuff if I could afford to. It's that good, and it's half the price of the ANR for the same sized bottle. That's a win in my book.

On nights when I'm not using the Kiehl's Overnight Biological peel, I have been reaching for the Boscia Cool Blue Hydration Essence. I am a true combination skin girl - oily patches in the t-zone, dry patches elsewhere, and this stuff is just the ticket to balancing out hydration levels without leaving any signs of an unwanted oil slick. It's a fluid-gel like serum infused with sake that feels cooling when applied and rids skin any signs of redness or irritation. It has even had long-term results on dryness and never leaves me feeling tight or sticky which can often times be the case with some "hydrating" serums. 

What serums have you been including in your daily routine? Any star products I should know about?


  1. The Kiehls Overnight Biological sounds like a lifesaver. I actually have the ANR that I won from a contest a few months back but never got around to using it. Have you tried the ANR for the eyes? Love it!
    Michelle | A Lovely Allure

    1. I do love the that too - this is just such a great find considering it's half the price!! :)
      Always a good thing



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