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October 30, 2014


If you had asked me a few years back whether or not I could ever see myself using oil as moisturizer, I likely would've scoffed and replied "ew, no way." Flash forward to now, and I'm bathing in it, rubbing it on my body, pressing it into my face, and combing it through my split ends without second thought and loving the youth-infusing effect it gives. Until someone can prove it's actual existence, let's all agree that oils seem to be the closest we've come to experiencing the benefits of the fountain of youth. If this is true, then it would appear that nothing is better than an oil that has your plumping and moisturizing needs covered in every category.

Allow me to introduce you to another French pharmacy cult product - the Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse Multi Purpose Dry Oil. If you haven't tried this, I'm sure many of you have heard mention of this somewhere before. It's a spray on oil that eliminates any messy spillage situations and is amazing for use on, well, anywhere you want to put it. Spraying this on limbs post-shower will give you such glowing skin that you'll actually want to show it off, not to mention any remaining residue can be smoothed through the lengths of the hair as a lightweight frizz-fighter. It's fast absorbing properties make this concoction appropriate even for facial use, although that's something I've yet to try due to my easily aggravated skin.

Huile Prodigieuse is made up of six precious plant oils including macadamia, borrage, St. John's wort, almond, camellia, and hazelnut. I personally think the scent is divine and unobtrusive enough that you need to get pretty close to someone to smell it, and I've found it layers beautifully with any fragrance I may decide to wear it with. It's no surprise this is so popular, as Nuxe products never disappoint - I have a feeling this will be a major savior for my skin in the upcoming dry winter months. 


  1. This review was fabulously written, I have a mini sample hiding away somewhere I must find it ;)

    xxx Claire

  2. Sounds absolutely gorgeous! I am also bathing in oil haha - but I still haven't tried a body oil yet! That needs to change...haha!

    Tasha // shiwashiful.


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