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October 25, 2014


Lately it hasn't been so easy getting out of bed in the morning. You know - that whole, it looks like it's 3:00 AM, but it's 6:00 AM thing never makes anyones morning any easier. Rough times call for products that you can carelessly apply and still be able to make it out the door on time, and I have found an eyeshadow that makes the biggest difference in my morning routine. 

RMS Beauty is a brand I'm a bit familiar with (I'm sure you know their famous Living Luminizer) but I had never ventured into their eyeshadow range prior to recently. I snatched up the RMS Cream Eye Shadow in Solar after seeing swatches of it's golden beauty somewhere in the depths of the internet. I am here to tell you that it really does live up to the hype - it is the perfect golden bronze shade that would absolutely look amazing on anyone during any season, whatsoever. I would even go as far as to say that if I had to limit myself to one eyeshadow ever again, this would be it. Bold statement, I know. It can be worn sheer for a wash of luminous color that helps awaken tired eyes, or it could be built up and smudged into the lash line for some oomph and a sexy, "Who, me? I'm not trying to look this good - I just do" look. Blending is so seamless that it doesn't require any tools but your fingers and wear time is, well, however long you want it to be. 

I am already envisioning myself wearing this shadow in multiple different looks, especially during this upcoming holiday season. Berry, bold, or classic red lips for Christmas with a swipe of this on my lids? Gold never looked so good

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  1. Ooh this one looks lovely! I have one of these little pots in Magnetic and I'm ashamed to say I haven't used it yet! Must break it out, especially after reading that this one would be your one and only shadow! And yes - this with red lips? Pure Christmas-ness!


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