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October 06, 2014


Another weekend behind us, another week ahead of us. Let it be as short and BS-free as possible, Amen. You may have noticed my absence around these parts this weekend, and that is due to another laptop-free weekend up at my parents' lake house. I have been trying to take advantage of a big empty house after stressful weeks to indulge in a bit of "me" time and relax with my boyfriend. We usually like to get the drive (it's a tad less than an hour) over with on Friday's right after work so as to enjoy the full day Saturday, and being able to do so has involved editing down my beauty bits and having them at the ready. Lately, I have been trying to lighten the load of products that live in my skincare drawers, and this edit is somewhat a result of that. This is my bag of mini essentials that has got me covered on all bases. All that's left is my small 'bag of tricks' that houses my makeup essentials, but we shall save that for another time.

I have been keeping this clear bag (it's just one I received as a GWP from Kiehl's - but I sure as hell love it) under my bathroom sink stocked with my bare necessities, if you will. It has come in super handy on weekend trips; between visiting friends and family, and just plain old escaping - sometimes we don't have time to think too much about our products. A great tip is to ask for minis or samples when you are buying your favorite products, otherwise, you may purchase many of them in small travel friendly kits, or decant what you already have into smaller pots. When it comes to packing lightly - it's important to pre-organize and plan so that you know you aren't going to be missing anything. I usually go by category and make a small list, filing my bag with items I know will not be awaiting me at my destination. 

Hair // Shampoo, Conditioner, Frizz-Fighting Treatment. My hair is pretty low-maintenance, but I do wash it everyday, so the Bumble and Bumble Thickening Shampoo and Conditioner are the perfect size and leave my hair feeling bouncy and fresh. I then like to give it a good frizz-fighting spritz - I've still been loving the Bumble and Bumble Hairdresser's Invisible Oil Primer. I spray it in when my hair is damp and it does a great job of fighting off those frizzes, without weighing things down. 

Face // Cleanser, Toner, Serum, Moisturizer 'du jour', Eye Cream. Seeing that I go through cleanser quite quickly, I have already left a full sized bottle at the lake, to eliminate the need for additional product. However, for toner I find the sample sized packets, these are the Kiehl's Ultra Facial Toner, provide more than enough for a weekend. If I didn't have these, I might skip this step altogether just to save space. I have a sample size of the serum I've been testing recently, which is the Kiehl's Clearly Corrective Dark Spot Solution, and is super convenient for packing purposes. I then have two mini pots of moisturizer, which I'm usually given whenever I make a purchase at my local Kiehl's counter. Right now it's the Super Multi Corrective Cream, and the Rosa Artica Lightweight Cream, which by the way is amazing - super hydrating, yet super light. I also love the Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Eye treatment, that leaves my eyes super hydrated and fresh come morning, creating less need for piles of concealer. 

Body // Body Lotion, Deodorant. I have a full-sized deodorant living at the lake, but, you will almost never find me armed without my favorite moisturizers - the Kiehl's Creme de Corps or the Lush Vanilla Dee Lite.

Teeth // Toothbrush, Toothpaste. Both of which I keep permanently at the house, but they're no fun to speak about anyways. Am I right?

It helps to uncomplicate things, and also to garner a hefty-sized sample collection, by being brand loyal. I usually am not one to stick with too many products, but like I said, I've been trying to create a more streamlined skincare routine and my skin has been loving Keihl's. I would say that is pretty obvious, but of course, all my skincare extras don't come out to play on weekends away. Some would argue that this is still a fair few products to lug around, but I'd say that they are mostly miniature versions and all fit snugly into this little bag without weighing down any luggage. Win.

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