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November 21, 2014


Keeping skin healthy and glowing during the winter is definitely a top priority of mine. I love makeup; surely you already know this, I clearly can't get enough of the stuff - but I do know that it's impossible for makeup to look amazing when skin isn't at its best state. The later I grow into my 20's, the drier my skin becomes and aside from the monthly hormonal breakout or two, acne is a thing of the past and my focus has been on how to obtain even-toned, radiant, and of course hydrated skin. Enough on my skin diagnosis, here are some remedial products that have been on heavy rotation ever since the temperatures have plummeted...

Like I said, keeping things radiant is a must and there are two items in particular that have been hard at work renewing my complexion and keeping things from looking ruddy and gray like the sky has been. Once a week a coat of the Tata Harper Resurfacing Mask does just that, revealing brighter, smoother and more even-toned skin through its naturally exfoliating properties. To keep things fresh in between uses I rely on the Kiehl's Overnight Biological Peel, which is amazing for giving the skin's natural cell renewal process an added boost without ever drying things out. I use this either for a week at a time, or once every few nights to keep things looking bright, and always layer my Kate Somerville Goat Milk Cream over top for a super boost of moisture. This is my go-to winter moisturizer, as it's much thicker in consistency than my usual creams, however, it is still easily absorbed and works well on sensitive skin. Some nights, I like to give my skin a break and just use one product that I know can do great things on its own, and for that I love the Clarins Lotus Face Treatment Oil. This 100% botanical oil is made for combination skin so it sinks in quickly and helps to rebalance the complexion, no matter its current state of affairs. Come morning you will look like you just had a facial - Swear.


  1. Ohhh wow. you swore that must be really good then! the products sound amazing

    1. Yes! They have been saving my skin during these chilly days...

      Corinne :)


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