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December 09, 2014


 ...during these cold, dry winter months. As I write this post, it's pouring icy buckets out there and I'm afraid that the months of naturally moisturized and glowing limbs are a thing of the past (summer). With the holidays coming up faster than ever it seems impossible that come those festive parties anyone will be brave enough to don the dress that they had bought for said occasion...because their legs are as dry and white as the Sahara desert. There's no need to let these conditions stop you though, ladies. With the help of a task force of skin-sloughing, bronzing, and moisture-inducing products you're body will look just as spectacular as it would coming off the beach in Tulum; you'll want to hit the slow-mo button on your entrance in that dress in no time. 

THE DEAD SKIN BANISHER // Sounds gross, feels amazing. Try one of & Other Stories Body Scrubs and you won't turn back. They offer a range of addicting scents that are neatly packaged in utilitarian-labeled tubs and look like a delicious edible concoction. What I love about these is how they foam up a bit when mixed with water so that you won't experience that rough dragging feeling that some scrubs have, these ones have enough slip to cover limbs in one scoop. My favorite scents are Fig Fiction and Punk Bouquet

THE TAN GIVER // My favorite range, and the only I trust to not give me orange limbs like an Oompa Loompa is the St. Tropez tanning range. If you know you have somewhere to go ahead of time I suggest using the St. Tropez Gradual Tan Everyday Body Moisturizer every day leading up to the event so that by the time you need to slip into that dress you'll have "naturally" bronzed limbs. If you got invited last minute to a party and don't know how you're going to pull off anything that has you showing skin, immediately reach for the St. Tropez Instant Glow Body Lotion. Like the name would suggest, this adds an instant glow and a hit of moisture, plus it includes tiny light-reflecting shimmer particles that add a festive flair. Oh, and it's wash off, win!

THE MOISTURE INDUCERS // You're either dry, or you're desperately flakey and have already reached lizard status. Well, I have two solutions (or both, if you're really desperate) for you. I love Kiehl's Creme de Corps for everyday prevention of dry skin because I haven't found anything that soothes my skin so well, and the more often you use it the less problems you will have long term. I also love how the fragrance is barely there and won't interfere with your actual perfume...a clashing mish mash of scents will be overwhelming and have you smelling like you'd just been sampling the fragrance department of Macy's. If you, like many of us, neglected your skin one too many times and haven't spent the time moisturizing - there is still hope. It comes courtesy of a spray on dry oil and my personal favorite (a cult classic) is the Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse, which is an amazing multi-tasking product. Spritz on hair, body, or pretty much anywhere you're dry and this non-oily oil will give your skin an instantly moisturized and sheeny appearance. Problem solved.

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