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December 14, 2014


It's Sunday, and it's also the day after Santacon. You get the idea. It's days like these that I appreciate my bed the most and I thought I'd give a little nod to some items that keep me relaxed, soothed, and moisturized while I'm doing absolutely nothing in it. 

There are a few items that are musts when it comes to kickin' back and the first that gets me in the mood to relax is a luxurious candle. Right now I'm burning yet another Diptyque candle in the scent Mousses, an earthy green moss-inspired fragrance - although my favorite for the colder months is still Feu De Bois. While I have that burning on the bedside table, I love to spray my pillow with some of the This Works Deep Sleep Plus Pillow Spray for an amazingly zen lavender scented pillow and roll some of the This Works: Breathe In oil on my pulse points and do exactly what the product name suggests. 

I then take things a step further and give myself a mini pamper with some of my favorite moisturizing products. To remedy my dry winter hands I love the L'Occitane Roses et Reines Hand & Nail Cream because it sinks in quickly without leaving a sticky or greasy residue while smelling just like the real thing. I'm sure by now you know I have an affinity for anything rose scented or infused, so naturally this bedside edit had to include my all time favorite lip balm, the By Terry Baume de Rose. Yes, this is a much more luxe option than your average lip balm but consider it more of a lip treatment that will transform the condition of your lips especially when worn overnight. I really can't get enough of the stuff.

What are your bedside beauty essentials?


  1. Lovely products! The By Terry Balm is so luxe, I'd love to try it one day! I was planning on buying a This Works deep sleep product but ended up purchasing something else along the same lines. I really love applying it before bed though, the scent is super calming and relaxing. Love applying hand cream as well :) Loccitane definitely makes some amazing ones!

    Tasha // shiwashiful.

  2. This all sounds so relaxing! It's Sunday night and I'm seriously about to shower and then get in bed and do ALL OF THE THINGS you've mentioned! <3

    1. Glad I gave you some Sunday night inspiration! Now, only if it were Saturday still...hope you have a great holiday!


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