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December 17, 2014


A little something extra luxe right in time for last minute Christmas gift buying. That's exactly what this Cire Trudon Calabre candle would be perfect for, aside from making a beautiful addition to any personal collection. Maybe one as a gift, one for ourselves - isn't that the best rule to abide by? 

I'm sure if you're regulars around these parts you know by now that I am a serious candle lover. Not only do they infuse our homes and lives with beautiful scents, they make for perfect tabletop decoration, and no doubt create a certain ambience when lit. Olfactory experiences are the ones that we tend to remember most inherently, so many times we associate memories with certain smells before anything else. I love lighting candles that remind me of certain places (exactly why I chose the scent Calabre) or time periods, similar to how I love perfumes associated with certain scents that recall specific experiences.

Oh, and not to mention...these are basically the mother of all candles. The Cire Trudon label is synonymous with luxury and quality and the brand were even the official candle makers to French royalty of the 17th century. I'll take one of each, pretty please. 

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