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January 27, 2015


Sometimes you need to shake things up in your routine a bit, and although I try new products pretty often I still find myself gravitating toward the same looks over and over again. Not because I dislike other looks, just because it's easy for me to swipe on a neutral shadow, some lip balm, a base, and some blush. And I'm sure we can all admit that sometimes, it's just all about the easy. Who has time for worrying about heavy makeup when there are still episodes of Orange is the New Black left to watch on Netflix? 

One way that I like to introduce different products into my routine is by shifting around what I use on a regular basis, AKA, "shopping the stash." I find that this helps to subtly change my look around and keep things fresh and different, but it also helps me to use products that I otherwise would end up neglecting, nonetheless enjoy using. I only have one face, and makeup enough for a small village, which isn't something to be proud of. At least this way I show some love to some forgotten products that I actually do enjoy using, and here's what they are currently: 

Dr. Jart BB Bounce Beauty Balm // I will admit that I originally picked up this product because of it's cool bouncy, goo-like texture. I proceeded to bring it on a trip with me and kept it in my bag for touchups on the go, and have to say it did quite the job of replacing my usual powder touchups. Sometimes, layering up on more powder has the opposite effect of "freshening up" and just creates a dulled down, cakey complexion. This is great as it's a lighter coverage, but ultra dewy tinted moisturizer in a compact that brings the skin back to life when applied sparingly. 

Lipstick Queen Hello Sailor // This is the blue equivalent of Lipstick Queen's classic Medieval lip balm/tint hybrid. It may look intimidating in the bullet, only emphasized by the ultra blue casing as well, but on the lips there is no sign of the shade anywhere. This moisturizing lip tint provides a sheer dose of berry color to the lips, while the blue undertones help to enhance the natural lip shade and create the illusion of whiter teeth. As you can imagine, it's been spending a lot of time on my lips lately. 

Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush in Tipsy // I'm afraid to say that I'm the only one who doesn't find the pigmentation in these blushes quite as ah-mazing as everyone else does, although I do agree the shades are beautiful. I'm not sure if I have a faulty product or if it's, that perhaps, mine is just past its prime. I've been digging my brush in regardless and with a little bit of work, the blush has quite a perky color payoff. I like that the name "Tipsy" is very true to the color that this blush creates on the cheeks; a red-pink flush that is often the result of one drink too many. It's a great compliment to an otherwise neutral makeup look, helping to liven things up a bit in cheek territory.  

Blinc Eyebrow Gel // I've recently ran out of my Benefit Gimme Brow and decided against a repurchase. Due to the scar I have in one of my eyebrows I unfortunately can't skip the brow pencil, so the Benefit product just seemed a bit much on top of that. I have been enjoying this clear, unfussy brow gel from Blinc, as it sets my brows in place and makes them look fluffy and natural, never crispy. 

What products did you last rediscover when shopping your stash? 


  1. This is sooo me! I buy a ton of beauty products, and then forget to use them because I get stuck using the ones in my daily routine. What I do a lot more often is put new products in my makeup bag that carry on the go with me, so I am forced to use them. Lol! Great post :)

    XoXo Shea L. ---------->

  2. haha ... i always see new products but forget to use them. i might need to revisit my stash soon. great post

  3. I don't find the Tarte blushes highly pigmented either, but that's one of the reasons why I love them: they're impossible to overdo! Tipsy is a fave for life. One of the blushes I would never get rid of! And LQ Hello Sailor has been on my wish list for ages!


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