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January 11, 2015


I recently started a new job and am now making the commute from Connecticut to NYC 5 times a week. I can't say I'm all that happy about it as I see my "me time" dwindling down to a very limited amount, and fitting everything I want to do and that needs to get done into that narrow window is quite a difficult task. Having a small makeup bag (mine is a mesh option from Sephora) filled with some essentials has definitely helped me out over the past few weeks to stay organized and to always be ready to touch up when I am low on time and resources. Where would I be without this pouch full of saviors? 

I have a tendency to overpack on products (so many lipsticks, so little time) but I've forced myself to bring only items that I know I'll need and reach for throughout the day. Starting with face, my foundation tends to last throughout the day because I don't tend to use too much to begin with, so I rely on a concealer for touchups and a petite brush for blending. The L'Oreal True Match Concealer is great for tossing in your bag and drawing onto blemishes and under eye circles due to it's thin but creamy consistency. It's easy to blend with fingers, but for a more full on touch up I grab the Eco Tools face brush that came in a travel brush set I bought from the drug store. It's super soft and helps disperse the product evenly which is perfect for me, I also always carry the eye blending brush from the same set for eyeshadow touch ups. If I find that I'm getting lackluster at any point throughout the day, the best way to add a bit of life back into my look is by dabbing the RMS Living Luminizer on my cheekbones and in the inner corners of my eyes. 

The remainder of the space in my bag is usually reserved for a few lip options. Due to the harsh wintery weather lately, the most important item has been a lip balm, and I'm currently using the Glossier Balm Dotcom which is a simple but effective lip moisturizer. I also keep two glosses in for good measure and a bit of color that still keeps things on the moisturized end of the spectrum. I love the Marc Jacobs Lust For Lacquer Lip Vinyl in Kissability and it just so happens that I received a mini in a sample bag that Sephora was doing during the holidays, that's perfect for my bag. I always love to have a natural, lip color enhancing pink gloss with me as well, and the Charlotte Tilbury Lip Lustre in Portobello Girl certainly fits the bill. Lastly, I like to keep a perfume sample in my bag because a girl always needs to smell good. I actually have a recycled Diptyque jar filled with perfume samples and just choose from there each week to avoid spending money on travel sized fragrances. 

Do you have any tips for packing a pint sized makeup bag? What do you bring with you to work that you don't think you could be without?


  1. Congrats on your new job, Corinne! Although I'm sorry the commute and job duties are taking a bite out of your spare time. This is a great post and I love seeing what your daily essentials are. Balm Dotcom is LIFE. And that Charlotte Tilbury gloss looks gorgeous!

  2. You've definitely got the essentials down I think! I don't tend to carry that much makeup around with me at all, but my lippy is a must. The CT gloss looks ah-mazing.

    Tasha // shiwashiful.


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