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February 18, 2015


Glossier, beauty brand baby of Emily Weiss and the Into The Gloss team, recently launched two new additions to their skincare line. First came the 'Phase 1' set, which included a rosewater mist, a moisturizer, skin salve, and a skin tint - it was only natural that next up was a set of complementing skin treats. Enter two face masks, the Mega Greens Galaxy Pack for detoxifying, and the Moisturizing Moon Mask for soothing and infusing the skin with hydration.

I have to admit I've fallen victim to Glossier's product releases both times, due to both their genius marketing, sort of  a 'by the people for the people' type deal, and because of the anticipation leading up to the launches. The products also look really awesome on your "top shelf" as all of Emily's chic and "low maintenance" friends demonstrate, Instagramming away "top shelfies" starring the pastel-bottled goodies.

I like the simplicity of these masks, which are designed to be used in tandem, and I think they make good basic additions to any skincare regimen. If you're just getting into skincare, the Phase 1 Set along with these two tubs should have your started kit sorted. The Mega Greens Galaxy Pack does a nice job of decongesting pores without leaving your skin feeling overly dry or tight, like some clay based cleansing masks can do. The velvety soft feeling you're left with after use is probably thanks to the inclusion of antioxidants and phytonutrients, which help your skin to maintain that balance. But for me, the real star of the show is the Moisturizing Moon Mask, which comes as a bit of a pleasant surprise because I don't usually see results from hydrating masks other than, well, short-lived hydration. This one, however, feels like an energy shot for my skin; leaving it refreshed, bouncy, brightened, depuffed, and comforted all at once. These two are my new skin rehabilitating friends - bringing my skin back to it's happy place after I've neglected it in some way.   

I also have to say, I appreciate the relatively affordable prices of the products - nothing too overpriced or gimmicky, and I love the packaging - like toys for grown women. So tell me, do you plan on trying out these new masks? I'm off to apply mine as we speak...


  1. I love Glossier for all the reasons you mentioned above! I thought these masks were going ot be in the $40+ range, so I was really happy they were so affordable. I picked up the Moisturizing Moon Mask and just used it 2 nights ago for the first time. I'm impressed! My skin was glowing like a teenager's afterward and was perfectly hydrated!

    1. Me too! I'm happy with the Moisturizing Moon Mask - agree with your results :)

      Don't think I'd repurchase the Mega Greens though, too similar to many other clay masks so you didn't miss out there haha



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