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February 13, 2015


Sometimes all you really need to spruce up your makeup routine are a few items that are already hiding out in your toiletry cabinet. For example, these pointed tip cotton buds and a bottle of La Roche-Posay Solution Micellaire Physiologique save me so much time and effort when it comes to applying my eyeliner. Who knows where that line would be without their help...

Some eyeliners are easier to use than others for drawing on that perfect cat-like flick. But when you don't have time to worry about where on the spectrum from makeup artist to disaster the one you have in your drawer sits, then I suggest having these two products handy instead. The pointed tip on the cotton bud, dampened by the tiniest amount of the micellaire solution allows you to retrace that wobbly line that you just drew. ViolĂ„! A super simple tip that makes all the difference in applying your eyeliner, whether you prefer black or something more along the lines of a pop of color, it works amazingly every time.  

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  1. Nice and simple! Thanks for sharing this tip, I will definitely be giving it a try. I hate when you mess up your liner and then have to start all over. And, those regular Q-tips tend to make things worse!

    XoXo Shea L ---------->

    1. Of course, hope you find this helpful :)



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