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March 18, 2015


Being someone who prefers a more natural everyday makeup look, I tend to gravitate toward only the most natural options when it comes to contour products. That being said, a bit of practice, a light hand, and the right tools go a long way when it comes to sculpting model-esque cheekbones on the regular. I've had the Anastasia Contour Kit in my possession for quite some time now, but honestly I was a bit intimidated by all the different shades and what they were for. Armed with my new Rae Morris brushes for blending, I finally gave it a good playing with and am super impressed by the included powders and their results. 

Inside the slim cardboard palette there are six magnetic removable powder pans that can be individually replaced once finished, which almost makes up for the fact that it's seriously lacking a mirror. But, we'll let that slide, because instead Anastasia gives us blendable, pigmented, and long-lasting powders that cover all of our setting, highlighting, and sculpting needs. In terms of shades we have two rows; the top one contains (left to right) Vanilla, Banana, and Sand, a.k.a. the lighter shades in the family. Vanilla is a flesh-toned, shimmer-free highlighting and setting powder, which I quite like using in the center of my face where I generally don't need shimmer emphasizing my pores. For me, it works exceptionally well at locking down the foundation on my nose, which tends to completely dissipate by lunchtime. Banana is a yellow powder, the kind Kim K first showed us how to use, and it's great for setting the under-eye concealer and giving things an additional boost of brightness. As for the glowy highlight, there's Sand, which is subtle thanks to a flesh-toned sheen and contains no golden glitter flecks. It's super finely milled as well, which I appreciate if I'm looking to highlight during the daytime and don't feel like looking like a disco ball. 

That takes us to the bottom row of the palette, which contains the shades Java, Fawn, and Havana. Java and Fawn are the standouts and are contour shades that I use the most. The middle, Fawn, is definitely the cooler of the two, making it the number one choice for me and a good middle-ground between an overly ashy contour and one that's too brown. I don't use Java on it's own, but it works well to deepen Fawn just a hint when used sparingly. Havana is the deepest and warmest shade here, so I don't think it would make the best contour for me, but I do like it as a matte bronzer. One thing's for sure, the longevity is amazing with all six, and I love that there really is something for everyone included. I foresee this being a perfect travel companion as it has so many uses and the matte browns can even work for the eyes. 

I do love a good 6-in-1...

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