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March 27, 2015


If you're a regular reader of my blog, or heck, even if this is your first time (welcome, by the way!) you'll know that I have to have an assortment of beauty products on hand at all time. While I do carry the odd lipgloss and powder in my bag, in reality I tend to spend the majority of my spare time sitting at my desk editing photos, trolling through blogs, and writing up posts. You better believe that I'm never without an assortment of laptop-side beauty products, for which I'm reaching all day to keep things hydrated, calm, and smelling good. 

Of course, sitting at the computer for hours on end with a cup cups of coffee can leave you feeling particularly parched, so I'm always slathering on a good dose of hand cream. I've been a long time lover of the Aesop Reverence Aromatique Hand Balm as it's rich and has a fresh woodsy scent, but it never leaves my hands with that dreaded greasy film after application. I also tend to get really dry cuticles that can use all the nourishment they can get, so the Essie Apricot Cuticle Oil is an essential for me. I'll forget to apply it unless it's sitting in plain sight, so next to my laptop is the perfect home for a product like this. 

Lip balm is also a must, and while I have a fair few that I alternate between, there is nothing better out there for immediate, and shine-free, relief than the Nuxe Reve de Miel. I have quite a few pots of this orange blossom and honey scented goodness lying around my house and I can't speak highly enough of it. Moisture is obviously a theme here, thanks to the never ending cold weather, and my face is no exception. I keep things dewy with a few spritzes of a toner water every now and again, and the Mario Badescu Facial Spray is perfect for this. The soothing spray smells of roses and the price doesn't leave you feeling like you're quite literally spraying away your money. I'm justified going overboard on it, right?

On the scent side of things, my perfume tends to wear throughout the day, so little sample vials are perfect for a refresh. No surprise here, but I personally love mixing the Jo Malone ones based on my current mood, so I save them up and keep them on my desk at all times! To help me wind down at the end of a long day, I'll roll the This Works: Breathe In oil on pulse points, which comes in their Sleep Kit for an overall calming effect. 

Throw in a fresh floral candle like Diptyque Baies, which is my current seasonal favorite, to create an overall relaxing ambiance and I'll happily work for hours on end


  1. Such lovely products! I've been wanting to try the Mario Badescu spray, sounds so refreshing!

    Tasha // shiwashiful.

    1. Thank you! And you should try it - warning though, it's addictive. :)


  2. Need to get my hands on some Mario Badescu soon, have been seeing loads of beautiful products.

    Lovely picks!

    Lauren x


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