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March 08, 2015


At the beginning of last autumn I cut all my hair off to approximately chin length. It felt so liberating at the time and styling a shaped cut was easier than what I had been used to in the past. If you can imagine, less than two years ago I was a bangs girl. Flash forward to now, about six months later and at least four inches of growth; it's safe to say I'm in the midst of an awkward length hairstyle. 

My 2015 hair goals include no haircuts whatsoever, so having any sort of hair "style" hasn't been an easy feat. On a mission to obtain cool girl hair, with a certain je nais se quoi, while growing things back to style-friendly lengths, I headed straight for a few products I knew could give me just that. Sachajuan is a no-fuss haircare line from Stockholm, whose products always give that effortlessly cool look while maintaining the condition of the hair. My two longtime favorites are the Ocean Mist and the Leave In Conditioner, as they require minimal work but together give your hair a soft, beachy feel without any frizz. I love the texture that the wave spray gives as it accentuates my hair's natural kinks, and it leaves my mop with a style that I thought was unachievable in my current condition. 

Since I'm looking to go as long as possible without having to cut my hair, it's great having reliable products that can give you the look you want with as little heat styling as possible. The long-term effects of the Leave In Conditioner are also something of dreams - after about a month of consistent use it seems as though my split ends have begun to repair themselves and my hair is the shiniest it's been in a long time. The lazy girl's ultimate hair essentials, as I call them, have proven that good hair days are, in fact, ahead. Even though Gisele length is still in the far future - I'll get there one day. 


  1. I am dying to try the leave in conditioner after reading this, great post x


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