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March 22, 2015


Thinking back on recent makeup posts and looks I've worn in general, there have been quite a few mentions of the word "highlighter." I love a good bit of sheen on the cheekbone, on the cupid's bow, and on the inner corner of the eyes. There really is no better way to induce some life into an otherwise flat makeup look, which to me makes things look more natural and glowy. However, in order to keep things within the realm of natural, the highlighters need to be pretty undetectable and sheeny and with the right amount of shimmer, not glitter. Otherwise, flaws can become more noticeable and makeup looks patchy, which certainly isn't the look I'm going for. These are my top picks when it comes to highlighters that really deliver on the luminescence and not on the glitz. 

The Creamy No Brainers // The RMS Living Luminizer is pretty undetectable as far as makeup in general goes. The all natural, coconut based formula really leaves a nice glossy cheekbone with a hit of sheen, without making things greasy. You can look as closely as you want and you still won't be able to spot any shimmer particles here; if you haven't tried this yet, get it now and thank me later. The Clinique Chubby Stick Sculpting Highlight in Hefty Highlight is a good no-tools required, super subtle twist up highlighter. The cream-to-powder texture essentially becomes one with the skin, and the color is the perfect mother of pearl pink that leans on the icy side of things. It reminds me of Benefit's famous High Beam (an old favorite of mine), but in a much more convenient and much harder to over-do form. My one complaint is that it does seem to disappear over a few hours time - though, the packaging and smooth formula make reapplication no issue at all. 

Liquid Sheen // The Chantecaille Liquid Lumiere is a beautiful liquid rose gold highlight. It delivers more on impact than my previous mentions, but still manages to have ultra-fine shimmer particles - similar to liquid metal. I love this one for nights out as it has some serious staying power and catches the light quite beautifully. If you're looking to mix in a bit of illuminator with your foundation, the Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector in Opal is a gorgeous nude shade with a soft-focus pearlized glow. I quite like the moisturizing formula of this as well, because nobody wants highlighter clinging to dry patches! 

High Power Impact // The best way to really layer on the glow in a more tailored fashion is with powders. You can either graze these buttery smooth powders across cheekbones for a barely-there sheen, or buff them all over the skin for a high-impact shimmer. My favorites are the Kevyn Aucion The Celestial Powder in Candlelight, which gives a opalescent champagne colored sheen, and The Balm Mary Lou Manizer, a honey-hued luminizer that lies a bit more on the eye-catching side of the spectrum. 

Which ones are your favorites? Do you wear highlighter on a daily basis? 

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