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March 17, 2015


I'm the first to admit that, for me, brushes and applicators often get filed under the "boring" tab as far as beauty purchases go. As I've gotten more into makeup, I've come to realize they're tools that truly make all the difference when it comes to application techniques and making the most of all those expensive products. I used to be the girl who used only the included brushes to apply my face makeup, which, let me tell you, resulted in less than natural results and patchy eyeshadow looks. I've since unwillingly shelled out the cash and invested in a few more adult makeup tools which certainly made things easier; but until a recent purchase I've never been wowed by any. The Rae Morris brushes have seriously unlocked a very dangerous (for my wallet) world of expert-made beauty tools. I picked up the Pro Powder Brush, the Deluxe Kabuki, and the Medium Point Shader to fill in some of the gaps in my brush collection. All three brushes are even softer than I could have imagined, and make applying my products an actual dream.

I was definitely a bit hesitant to pick up such an expensive powder brush, but let me tell you, the Pro Powder Brush, is essentially a piece of art. Dramatic, I know. But hear me out - it's made from squirrel hair and gives makeup an instantly airbrushed look. I've been using it to powder my whole face quickly, and it does so without disturbing the rest of my base makeup. I love that the pointed tip can be used to target specific areas, which makes it great for setting under-eye concealer and also applying bronzer. 

Then there's the Deluxe Kabuki, which has quickly become my favorite multi-tasking brush. I've been using it to contour, highlight, apply blush and even set the areas around my nose with powder. Quite honestly, it blows my old favorite Nars Yachiyo Kabuki out of the water in terms of softness and it has maintained a perfect shape even after washing. As for the Medium Point Shader, this brush has gifted me perfectly blended sockets and is an all around amazing blending brush. Think perfectly diffused shadows even when you're using only one shade. 

I'm already lusting after more Rae Morris brushes, it's safe to say I'm hooked

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