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April 22, 2015


Fragrance is something I've gotten more into in the past year or two, especially niche and unique fragrances. I like the idea that a fragrance can become the signature of a person, so when I heard Commodity Goods launched a library of fragrances that allow you to mix and layer them together to create your own personal fragrance I was intrigued to say the least. 

The concept of the brand really is a cool one, and I like the idea that you can try before you buy with the first at home fragrance fitting kit. Each Fitting Kit* comes with ten scents to sample, from which you can pick your favorite, or favorites for that matter. Betcha can't just pick one. The fitting kit allows you to try both fragrance collections, The Black Collection, whose scents are complex, dark, and moody, and The White Collection, with scents that are airy, light, and easy to wear. The White Collection contains: Mimosa, Gold, Paper, Tea, and Rain. The Black Collection contains: Wool, Book, Whiskey, Moss, and Gin.

Each scent is made with premium aromatic oils which are sourced all over the world and help create rich, complex fragrances. They are also Eau de Parfum concentrate, meaning the staying power is pretty incredible and will last throughout the day. Once you've decided on a favorite, you have the choice of purchasing a travel sized 10ml, a trio of 10ml, or a 100ml full sized bottle. What's great is that your first 100ml is $99, and from there on out you can pick additional ones for $66, which is a great deal for such a large amount of EDP.

I personally have three of the 10ml perfumes in Rain*, Gold*, and Book*. I also have two of the 100ml fragrances in Gold and Whiskey, which I like to wear layered together. The Gold scent, which is my personal favorite, is warm and rich with notes of amber, bergamot, juniper berries, vanilla, vetiver, camphor, musk, and tonka bean. It's a really unique take on vanilla, one that draws you to the person wearing it, that smells incredible and lingers on my skin all day. Whiskey is definitely a unisex fragrance with spicy and indulgent layers of Mahogany oak, sage, cinnamon, lemon, bergamot, amber, musk, sage, lavender, and ivy. The two layer great together and smell like a sexy, mysterious, and woodsy sophisticate. Other scent cocktails that I discovered from the Fitting Kit and fell in love with were Rain and Moss, Gin and Tea, and Book and Paper, naturally.  

Are you intrigued by the idea of mixing up your own fragrance cocktail? 


  1. This sounds so interesting, I'd love to get the fitting kit and see what they all smell like, I love the idea of Book and Rain :) x

    1. Yes! Definitely a lot of great scent cocktail options within the kit!


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