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April 26, 2015


I thought it would be nice to start doing some weekend type posts here and there, which are just like chatty little life updates. A peek into what I do when I'm not playing with the latest beauty collections and perusing the makeup aisles, what do you think

So anyways, this past week we finally started seeing some beautiful blossoms, the ones above are on the Magnolia tree that grows in my backyard, and I can't be happier about it. It's been a long journey into Spring, to say the least, and it's about time things started to open up and welcome in the sunshine. If you live on the East Coast like me, I'm sure you share these feelings of joy for the return of flowers and greenery. 

In other news, I celebrated both my Mom's and Brother's birthdays this week, so of course there were dinners out and a bit of baking involved in the process. A trip to Zero Otto Nove on Arthur Avenue in the Bronx was made, which I highly recommend if you're looking to enjoy an authentic Italian meal and a brick oven Nutella pizza for dessert. Yum.

I seriously need a detox after all the goodies that made an appearance, of which my favorite was an Italian Ricotta Crumble Cake that's dangerously delicious. My friend in Italy made this cake for me and my friends when we lived in Florence and I couldn't help but to ask for the recipe. Turns out it was passed to him from his grandmother in Naples, so it's safe to say it's a real treat to make. It's now a firm favorite for a non-sickly sweet cake option and my Mom loves it as well, so naturally, I took her birthday as an opportunity to make one - almost the entire thing was eaten! Maybe one day if I'm feeling generous I'll sneak the recipe into a post...

I hope you're enjoying the weather and having a great weekend!

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