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April 12, 2015


If you're bored of your current makeup routine - look no further. Here I have three products that you need to try, two seriously amazing, and one unique enough to earn itself a permanent place in my routine. Oh - and one might just be my latest lip product obsession...hint, hint.

Let's start off with the most controversial and slightly confusing of the bunch. When I first tried the Diorskin Nude Air Serum SPF20 Foundation I have to say I was on the fence with my opinion. Did I love it? Did I want to leave it behind? But of course, I gave it some time and changed up my application method a bit, and low and behold it's turned out to be a seriously dreamy base. The tricky thing about this product is that it's super fluid, but it sets down in a matter of seconds, so blending needs to be quick and easy. That says a lot coming from someone who could spend days blending their foundation in - but really. I've discovered the best way to use this is by mixing it with a fluid primer on the back of my hand, taking some on a brush, and buffing it into the skin. I love it with the Chanel Le Blanc de Chanel Primer, as it creates the most dreamy silk finish on the skin. That added bit of slip gives you more blending time, but doesn't disturb the finish of the foundation. Better yet, the Chanel Primer adds a bit of luminosity (not shimmer), sheers it out, and gives it a serious dose of longevity. This combination has been my new base du jour. If you've tried this foundation and are unsure about it - try my tip and see how it changes on your skin.

And for that new lip gloss love I was telling you about - it's the Dior Rouge Brilliant Lipgloss, a lip color and care in one. It's unlike anything I've tried before - a glossy, balmy, oil - yet feels super comforting on the lips while giving a serious hit of color and shine. The shade 310 Paname is the perfect nudey pink - the ultimate my lips but better shade. The applicator in itself is enough to land this a permanent spot in my handbag, as it picks up the perfect amount of product and shapes the lips thanks to its precise and flexible wand. If you're in the market for a new gloss you need to try this.

Hope you're enjoying your weekend! 

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  1. I am hoping to pick the Nude Air this weekend. I adore Dior bases and have always found them to work well on my skin. I'll remember your tip on giving it a little mix with the le blanc x


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