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May 13, 2015


So there's this somewhat ridiculously-named trend that has been everywhere since fashion week made it a thing. It's called "rich girl" hair. There was an abundance of girls rocking smooth hair with a slight curl while trotting down the runways of Paris and Milan fashion week. It's not quite what were used to seeing with textured, salty waves. Instead, it's smooth and shiny with a slight curl - very clean and sort of glamorous in a nonchalant way. It's also probably not something you'd get away with come third day hair. So predictably, in the name of research, I decided to give this trend a try to see if us normal girls could achieve the hair of those "rich girls" and here's what I found...

I typically give my hair a slight curl whenever I have the time, so going in with a curling iron wasn't anything out of the ordinary for me. I use the Sultra The Bombshell 1 Inch Curling Rod, a clamp-free curling iron, which I find usually works better in creating smooth styles. So to start, I worked on freshly dried hair and ran a bit of Morrocan Oil through the mid-lengths for softness and shine. I wrapped one-inch sections of my hair around twice starting from the ear down, making sure the ends bent inward as well. Typically, when I create beachy waves I will leave about an inch at the bottom uncurled, as to create more of a piecey and sporadic texture. For the "rich girl" look I think the key is to make it look a bit more retro and soft, and not to have separated, or crunchy curls. 

Once I was finished curling, I brushed out my hair to give things a more uniform and flowy feel, and as it turns out, it was actually a super easy style to achieve. In fact, this hairstyle involves less maintenance and product than that of its beachier sister. So, yes, regular girls can easily achieve "rich girl" hair, and the irony is that it just so happens to be a pretty low maintenance style, too.



  1. I was literally just thinking about this the other day when stalking prom photos from friends on Facebook. It is rich girl hair for sure. You did an amazing job recreating it! :)


  2. Beautiful! Your hair is lovely, Corinne! Any style that's easy and yet looks like you spent an hour on it is a winner in my book.


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