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May 26, 2015


When you think of organic makeup and beauty products, it's highly unlikely that sleek metal compacts come to mind. The minimalistic yet futurist packaging is probably the last thing that you would expect to house a refillable (you heard right!) pan of creamy, good-for-you makeup. But Kjaer Weis has definitely changed my view on organic and natural products - they are most definitely not boring and variety does, in fact, exist. Here's an overview of the products I tested from the sustainable, yet visionary brand...

Kjaer Weis Cream Foundation - I haven't dabbled too much in cream foundations prior to trying this particular product. I now know what I've been missing out on (to say the least) and I can truly say this smooth and moisturizing foundation melts into the skin with the just the pat of a finger. It's coverage can be easily manipulated and taken from light and barely there to full-on if you so please. But one thing that stays consistent is that no matter how you choose to wear it, this stuff looks like your very own skin. Undetectable and flawless, just how I want it.  

Kjaer Weis Highlighter - A serious stunner of a product. Upon first swipe, a bit of shimmer is present, yes - but it's the kind that catches the light in the most pleasing of ways. Delicately placed where you want it to be, and none where you don't. The texture is a thin, silky cream that blends seamlessly with your other makeup, which is a beautiful thing. The warm pearl shade is also without a doubt the most well-suited highlighter for my skin tone yet. My application technique of choice is to warm some up between my fingertips and let the warmth melt the product in for a second-skin like finish and iridescent glow. 

Kjaer Weis Lip Tint in Beloved - Containing moisturizing and healing organic ingredients, this lip tint is different from those I've tried before it. I find it best to apply with fingertips, and the finish you get on the lips is moisturizing without being too shiny. For a natural product, this stuff has quite an impressive staying power and never migrates outside the lip line, which has me putting two thumbs up. Not to mention, the shade Beloved is a deep mulberry in the pan, that turns up sheer on the lips, as though you've just been munching on a snack of blackberries, with the stain to match. Sure to be my new lip product of choice for a bit of color that also enhances the natural shape of my lips. 

Bonus points for being easy to find in your handbag thanks to this seriously hefty, quality packaging. Yes, please.

*PR Samples, All opinions are my own.


  1. I adore Beloved. It's such a gorgeous shade. I've wanted to try the KW cream foundation for ages, but haven't had a chance. Highly recommend the cream blush though. So beautiful. The packaging of all the products is amazing too, super luxe xx
    The Beauty Bloss

  2. Oh wow, that lip tint looks gorgeous in the compact. I bet it's lovely on your lips!

  3. I have an eyeshadow and the cream foundation but haven't really used them aside from swatching! I should really get on that lol


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