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May 11, 2015


Face masks are always something I'm intrigued by. New ones launch and make their way onto my list all the time, but lately, it's sheet masks I'm lusting after. Want to know why? Here are a few reasons...
  • It's fun and cheap to try different varieties. It's a noncommittal product purchase if you know what I mean. Instead of shelling out $30 to $100 for a single jar of masky-goodness, you're spending around $5 for a one-time use sheet infused with serum. If you find one you like, you can stock up of course, but if not, experimenting is fun and does less damage to your wallet.
  • Instant gratification. The fibrous layers of the sheet mask soak up loads of juicy-essence goodness...and then you lay it on your face for about 30 minutes. With that extra layer on top your skin is sort of forced to absorb more product than it usually would. I tend to see results instantly, especially after massaging remainder of said essence into my skin after taking off the mask. It's like an at-home facial.
  • Juicy, moisturized skin. For the same reasons as listed above, these things are soaked with moisture, and therefore, leave your skin with the same result. No matter the variety of mask you choose; brightening, pore tightening, acne clearing - they all leave things comfortable and never tight or dry. 
  • They're travel friendly. Not many products are these days, but these individual use sachets make a perfect travel companion. Keep your skin moisturized, clear, and bright even on the go.
Intrigued? You can find some of my favorites from Sephora's brand here, Dr. Jart here, or TonyMoly here. Happy masking!


  1. I absolutely love face masks but for some reason I never really try sheet masks, I'm definitely going to pick up a couple next time I see them! Great post x

    emily x ❤ |

  2. I just started seeing the Sephora masks and they look wonderful! Definitely a fun gift or something to do with friends.


  3. I've only tried one and I liked it, but definitely should've been laying down instead of trying to watch TV, lol! I have the Pearl one from Sephora and it's on my to do list, maybe tomorrow night. Good point about them being travel-friendly. I never thought of that, but it could be very relaxing to mask on vacation!


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