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June 18, 2015


I have to say, Varenna is quite the charming little village, perched on the slope of a mountain that jets out into the lake. A mini peninsula of sorts speckled with colorful centuries-old buildings that seem to have just sprouted from the hillside
 That charming port...
This red iron-railed pathway hangs just above the lake and runs the perimeter of the town, making for the most convenient of walking paths to enjoy the scenery.
Cypress trees act as windows to the intense sunlight and line the famous Villa Cipressi. Obvious translation, huh?

 My Mom and I happy (and tired) to be hiking up the hillside in Varenna.

Water as clear as the the fish if you can! Those are called Lavarello, which are famous Lake Como fare. I'm not one for seafood, err I guess, lake food in this I wouldn't know! Though, it is a famous local dish.

 I couldn't not snap a picture of this classic Italian scene. A shiny retro red Vespa...
 Medieval buildings in Menaggio.

 My favorite local cocktail, besides a Bellini of course - Aperol Spritz.
While Bellagio was where we spend most of our time while on Lake Como, Varenna and Mennagio were on the agenda as well. I spent a few days hopping from town to town, but these were by far my favorites as well as the ones I was able to stay the longest period of time. Varenna was the only other town I visited that would elicit its own separate stay; its' walker-friendly pathways and authentic cafes serving up quite the delicious pizzas had me at "Ciao." Any of these towns are so beautiful, and romantic, there are endless gardens, alleyways, small old churches, and shops to explore. Until next time, Varenna. 

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