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June 29, 2015


I've used Kate Somerville Goat Milk Creme for as long as I can remember and I absolutely love it. It's one of those products that I go back to when my skin has had enough of trialling products with fancy promises and it soothes and comforts like no other. Well, these other Kate Somerville products have quickly become my go-to's in the same sense as the cream; they actually work and fast.

As I mentioned, the Goat Milk Creme is one of my all time favorite skincare products. It's an amazing cream, packaged in an air-tight pump which prevents bacteria from contaminating the product, allowing it to last longer. I just love the packaging, and the cream inside is worthy of its own rant. It contains goat milk, which means that natural lactic acid is constantly exfoliating and renewing the skin, while witch hazel fights bacteria. It also calms my skin no matter what strange treatments I have been testing and never leaves an oily residue on my combination skin - it absorbs completely. 

The Kate Somerville ExfoliKate Intensive Exfoliating Treatment is a cult product that I've always heard great things about, but never had the pleasure of trying out. Well, I'm afraid there's now no going back as this stuff is the best manual exfoliator I've yet to come across! I am in love with everything about this from the warm cinnamon smell to the smooth and soft skin that you're left with as a result. Better yet, it packs a dual purpose punch as it also contains Lactic acid, which is a natural AHA, and it can be left on the skin for an additional two minutes for a deeper treatment. My skin is overall more clear and the texture is refined than it was when I began using this a few weeks ago. 

A hormonal acne-buster, the Kate Somerville EradiKate Mask, is seriously one of the most soothing and comforting skin-clearing masks I've ever tried. It comes out as an almost gooey pink cream, and when it's left on the skin it starts to foam up, indicating that the mask is ready to be washed off. It has been keeping my skin spot-free and my pores small even during that time of the month, which is a miracle in itself. It's one of the few acne masks my skin has agreed with as well, and it's left instantly brighter and clear post-treatment thanks to honey and rice bran extracts.

*PR Samples, All opinions are my own.

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