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June 01, 2015


It takes a small army to whip skin into shape prior to flying. Especially when said flight requires you to "sleep" overnight and wake up looking fresh enough to face a day of sightseeing, photo-taking, or even meetings and events. Enough said, your skin needs to look at the very least as good as it did prior to flying, particularly with a little extra glow. What better way to start out a trip than with glowing skin? Here are the steps I take to ensure a little extra TLC has my skin in even better shape than before takeoff.

The Day Before
Any skin transformation requires at least one night to really work its magic. Starting a day before gives your skin time to soak in those treatments and regenerate itself later that night. I like to start off the morning of the day before with an intensive balm cleansing massage. The Eve Lom Cleanser is perfect because its texture allows you to work it into the skin for quite some time without losing slip, and it leaves the skin dewy, soft, and glowing. 

Later on in the afternoon, I like to apply an exfoliating mask, like the Tata Harper Resurfacing Mask. After 30 minutes on the skin, any dead layers and dull skin have shed themselves to reveal a much brighter and renewed surface. This also ensures no dead skin cells or clogged pores will have a chance to clog your pores while on board the flight.

The night before, after cleansing skin with a moisturizing treatment, apply a sheet mask to the face. I like the Sephora Pearl Mask for its brightening and perfecting properties. Leave it on for the recommended time length and then massage the remainder of the serum into your skin and sleep with it on. This way you can make sure any active ingredients really have time to penetrate the skin and you'll wake up glowing.

The Day Of
Like me, you may have a dinner time flight, so there's still time for an extra mask to boost the skin. I like the Antipodes Aura Manuka Honey Mask since you've already exfoliated, this is a soothing, cleansing, and moisturizing mask made of natural ingredients. I find this helps calm any redness or irritations right away, which is definitely perfect pre-flight.

In Flight 
I'd love to say I'm the type to wear no makeup to the airport and then slather on a mask in-flight, but I'm not exactly. I can't forgo looking totally human so a few lightweight and "better for your skin" treats make a world of difference. I like to prep my skin with the Glossier Priming Moisturizer, and then apply a bit of the Glossier Perfecting Skin Tint to even everything out a bit without suffocating my skin. The perfect compromise!

Post Flight
Once you've arrived and checked into your hotel, be sure to wash up and remove any bacteria from your skin that may have accumulated during your travels. I then like to go on with my usual skincare routine, but first use an eye mask, like the Sephora Ginseng Eye Mask, to depuff and soothe the eye area. This is one of the areas that will show all the negative signs of your travel so the extra care does those peepers good.

Do you have any tips for keeping skin in tip-top shape through long-haul flights?

P.S. I'll be leaving for Europe tomorrow for two weeks, but I've prescheduled blog posts so that nothing gets too behind while I'm away. I hope you enjoy the content I've planned for you - it includes a lot of great travel tips and summer beauty tricks! 


  1. Fantastic tips! I've had a sample of the Tata Harper mask and really liked it, its quite similar to the Oskia Renaissance Mask (in my mind) and I have a full tub of this, but when it's finished I will definitely buy the full size Tata mask.
    The Beauty Bloss

  2. I absolutely love the Antipodes mask , such a great brand !

    Alexandra xx


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