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June 07, 2015


I've always loved to travel, and I'm currently away as you likely know from my Instagram. Follow me @necessarynothings if you don't already to see what I'm getting up to daily. Every time I go somewhere though I get another bite from the travel bug and itch to go even more places. But for now I thought I'd recap a few of my favorite places (though it's hard to pick and many more make this list) to give you lovely people some inspiration as well. What's your dream destination or favorite for that matter?

  1. Florence, Italy. (Photos 1, 2, and 3) Or anywhere in Italy, really. I've yet to meet a place in this picturesque country that I haven't fallen in love for, but Florence will always hold a special place in my heart. I studied there for half a year and have traveled there on multiple other occasions and everything about the place from the history, art, and architecture, to of course, the food never disappoint. It's a comfortable and tourist-friendly city to visit if you haven't gone before and boy, oh boy, do I suggest adding it to your bucket list. Every cobblestone trail leads somewhere new and undiscovered so you'll never run out of things to do and you'll feel like you've stepped back in time while doing so. I love the Florentine way of life as well, as it's much slower paced and it's always nice to stop and enjoy, say, a gelato from Grom on your walk home. 
  2. Taormina, Sicily. (Photos 4 and 5) I loved every bit of my trip to Sicily, but Taormina stood out to me the most for a few reasons. It's perched atop a cliff dangling over the clear waters of the Ionian Sea with stunning views of Mount Etna in the distance - which is worth visiting as well. Climbing the craters of Mount Etna had me feeling a bit as though I had landed on the moon, and that's as close to the real thing as I care to be. Taormina itself, though, is a popular old-fashioned style resort town with narrow Medieval streets and beautiful panoramic views from every corner. I swear I ate the most delicious and fresh vegetables and fruits there and discovered the most unique and yummy dessert - Cassata. Try it for yourself. I'd be lying if I said I'm not constantly dreaming of this place and I know it would make for a stunning honeymoon spot as well. Taste anything Mandorla (almond), such as the Granita and you will fall in love
  3. Oia, Santorini. (Photo 6) White-washed buildings speckle the entire side of this volcanic crater of an island and create an amazing backdrop complete with 360 degree views. The island is filled with rocky volcanic stone beaches and ruins of the ancient cities built by the Minoans. Driving through the towns on its cliff-style highways and through farms filled with olives, tomatos, goats, and donkeys - you'll find you never want to leave. I also would recommend a visit if for no reason other than the incredible sunset and sunrise, during which it appears the moon is only miles away and rising out of the Aegean sea. 
  4. The Alhambra, Granada, Spain. (Photos 7 and 8) I shared my Seville photo diaries here last Summer, but the Alhambra was without a doubt one of the most unique places I visited in Southern Spain. It's one of the wonders of the world and for good reason - still very much alive and in tact it's like you've been transported back in time to greet the Sultan and Sultana themselves. The architecture was unlike much else you'd see in Europe with Muslim influence that made for a unique and beautiful location perched atop Granada. 
  5. Cannes, France. (Photo 9) Famous for the film festival, it's as old-school romantic as you'd imagine. The beachside resort-town is beautiful and boardwalks filled with delicious (and a bit overpriced) restaurants line the seaside. The kind of place where it's the norm to have your dog join you for a steak lunch. It is, however, the perfect place for a less-crowded dip in turquoise waters and the location of the town itself is quite prime. You can easily visit Provence, Monaco, and Nice from here as well. All beautiful with that South of France charm. 
  6. Prague, Czech Republic. (Photo 10) Like the Paris of the Czech Republic, with a bit of quaintness similar to the town in Beauty and the Beast. It's kind of like a fairytale town with steepled churches and castles to see and a beautiful river cutting the city in half. There was a bit of a hipster factor to the city with a modern twist as well, making for some seriously yummy restaurants and cafes to visit. 

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  1. I have major travel envy right now! Being in Australia it's such a long way to Europe and I've always promised myself when I get there, it has to be for at least 6-8 weeks to make the most of it. Sadly, haven't managed it yet, but one day!
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