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June 28, 2015


It seems like it's been here for a long time now, but summer has only recently begun officially. Melting makeup and some less than adequate staying power seem to go hand-in-hand with the change in seasons, and I'm sure I'm not the only one whose efforts have been wasted all too many times. This is where a few extra steps and tips to holding things in place make the world of difference. 

Using base products that are right for your skin: 
  • Dry skin - you may not think so but you have the upper hand now that the summer months have rolled along. You can get your makeup to sit well as long as you keep up your normal routine and use hydrating products. A small fan brush dipped in a finely-milled powder and tickled just along the t-zone will be plenty to keep your base in place.  
  • Oily skin - there are a bevy of newly launched serum textured foundations that are meant to stay in place all day, and their gel based formulas allow that to happen. I also like to use a light all over dusting of setting powder if I'm going the tinted moisturizer route, and using a primer beforehand makes the world of difference as well. An additional tip is to stop yourself from tanning on and off, as it seems to dry up your skin at first, but then comes the sebum-overproduction to counteract that effect. So, in essence, more tanning = more oil in the long run and some seriously unstable skin. 
Eye makeup prep:
  • Whether you have oily lids or not, they will be more so than normal come warmer months and longer days. You'll be happy that you slapped on some Nars Pro Prime when your co-workers invite you to drinks on the patio after work. It'll help your shadow and eyeliner to go the extra mile. 
Keep lip colors from migrating:
  • Even when you're using a nude lip color in the summer, the humidity has a tendency to be ruthless and cause at least a bit of color migration outside the natural lip line. Go in beforehand with a liner pencil that matches your lip color and draw a line a bit outside your natural lip line for a fuller effect and longevity. It also helps to keep your lips exfoliated and hydrated with a balm at all times. 

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