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July 11, 2015


Eye cream is a category of skincare that's viewed in a similar manner as thin women see exercise - somewhat unnecessary until said conditions change (yes, there are exceptions). Being a beauty junkie, I look for any product to add to my routine if the chances it will delay an issue or make me look "naturally" better are decent. So for me, eye cream is that type of product. 
The fact that you're still reading this tells me that you're a similar type; the type who doesn't want to be bothered with anything fancy and but would like to prevent some serious crow's feet from showing up all too soon. It's of course, inevitable eventually, but some are worse than others. Why not soften the blow with some eye cream that smells like roses and also instantly depuffs, moisturizes, and brightens as well? That's why I use Fresh Rose Hydrating Gel Eye Cream and love doing so. Rant over...but seriously, get started now. Thank me later

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