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August 04, 2015


Essentially, these products are the laziest of lazy day essentials. Which, in turn, makes them perfect for just about every day. If ever I wake up late and am in a rush, or am having a "good skin day" that I'd actually like to show off, these are the products I reach for.

The Glossier Priming Moisturizer helps to prep the skin while adding back essential moisture, so that minimal makeup is needed. It's amazing because it really helps to take away redness and visibly calm and smooth skin so that it's in the best state it can be. Glossier Perfecting Skin Tint takes the place of any foundation you might be tempted to mask your face with (I do it too), and creates an even canvas while allowing natural skin to shine through. 

For any dry patches and places where you might want to add back a little shine (think, "strobing") the Glossier Coconut Balm Dotcom seals in moisture thanks to its emollient texture. I particularly like the coconut scented version because it smells just like a vacation, but it really makes the ideal lip moisturizer that doesn't require second thought like a lipstick might later on. Truly lazy girl, or day, necessities. 

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