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August 21, 2015


Skincare is something I love to try out, often and in large quantities. I have, of course, found many items that have now become necessary to my daily routine - but I attribute that to this testing process. My favorite time to add new products to my routine to help amp things up a bit is during the changing of seasons. Now that summer is about to pass us by I'm sharing a few bits that have been rustling my feathers lately, and that I know will be perfect for the upcoming dryer months. Of course, there's more to come on the skincare front, shortly. 

Diana Ralys Blemish Microfoliant - A brand that's new to me but I love already. All of the products are organic and act like a dose of vitamins for the skin, but my skin has been especially loving this particular mask that includes active enzymes and small, but gentle, microdermabrasion crystals to keep the skin polished through both natural and chemical processes. I notice an overall improvement in skin tone and texture almost immediately after use - always a welcome bonus!

Diana Ralys Essential Moisturizer - A rich, all natural moisturizer that manages to give a pretty epic dose of moisture, without leaving any greasy film or residue on the skin. This is right up your street if those are the results you are after, not to mention, it helps to plump the skin instantly. 

Diana Ralys Multitask Mask - The quick-fix mask that leaves skin soft and helps to clear up any rough patches, but is perfect for sensitive skin. It's been especially great for my slightly oily summer complexion and helping to balance things out a bit, without every creating dry conditions. The volcanic clay used in this mask have highly absorbing properties, sort of making this mask a vacuum cleaner for the skin.

Beauty Rx By Dr. Schultz Soothing Moisture Cream - Relief for stressed skin in a pot. This cream is oil free but soothes and nourishes skin with a dose of antioxidants. My skin drinks this up in a snap and it provides a silky smooth base for additional makeup or SPF. If you have recently had any traumatizing skin treatments or just super sensitive skin...I could not recommend this cream enough!

Beauty Rx By Dr. Schultz Gentle Exfoliating Eye Therapy Cream -  This is an eye cream that not only treats the skin tone, but the texture as well. It gently lifts dull skin cells from the delicate eye area to dramatically reduce dark circles, and I have to say I've seen quite an improvement since I've begun using this!

Murad Hydrating Toner - I've become quite the toner fanatic, and I think that the additional hit of moisture has really helped my skin stay balanced. You all know my love for Murad skincare products, and this one is no exception. The Hydrating Toner retores pH balance and helps to neutralize impurities and prep the skin for treatments to come.

In fact, I have a very special few treatments to share with you next week - be sure to visit again!

*PR Samples, All opinions are my own.

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