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August 03, 2015


I had the most delicious sangria a few weeks back at a restaurant called Ghibellina in Washington, D.C. (check out their bar menu here for serious cocktail inspiration). While studying in Florence during college, one of the (many) things I loved was that the bars and restaurants were never short of deliciously unique and refreshing drinks, but better yet, many of them weren't hard to replicate at home. 

Ghibellina is owned by a Florentine native, so it's not surprising that this rendition oozes that laid back and delicious Tuscan style. This is a cocktail meant to be enjoyed, and it goes down easy too. Their menu lists the ingredients used to make this sangria (I made note - it was that good!) and they go a little something like this: red wine, peach liqueur, and seasonal fruits. What's great about this is that it's refreshing enough for the summer but can be adapted by season, making it the perfect year round fruity 'aperitivo' style drink. Of course, neither D.C. or Florence are within close proximity to good old Connecticut, so I adapted the recipe to make it easy to enjoy this Tuscan style sangria at home in no time. No bartender skills required. 

To serve four (or yourself, I'm not judging), you'll need:
- 1 (750 mL) bottle of red wine (I prefer Chianti, Toscana, or a deep red blend)
- 3/4 cup Peach Schnapps (I use DeKuyper Peachtree)
- 2 packets of Truvia (or sugar, if you prefer)
- 1 can of Italian lemon soda (San Pellegrino is my favorite)
- 1 lb. fresh peaches, sliced (you can peel if you prefer)
- garnish with ice cubes

Start by adding the sliced peaches into a large glass pitcher, followed by the bottle of wine. I like to put the fruit in early on so that it begins to flavor the wine as quickly as possible. Next, add the sugar packets and peach schnapps and stir into the wine and fruit mixture. Place the mixture in the fridge until ready to serve and then add the can of Italian lemon soda and ice. 

^^ Just look at that ice-cold glass; you know it's begging you to whip up a batch to enjoy at the end of a long day...or, perhaps, right now


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